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The Space Story

Space delivers the sustained editing performance needed by multiple HD users. It was originally designed because we were concerned by the high support needs of SAN systems and the cost and complexity of installing a fibre channel or iSCSI network.

The birth of the Space universe.

The original Space tier 1 network attached storage system was easily capable of supporting multiple concurrent HD editors. With no drivers to install, no licences to buy and fully scalable products, GB Labs made owning and using shared storage equipment a whole new experience. Mac, PC, Linux and mixed OS workgroups could finally access shared files for full speed editing, video processing and content creation.

The Complete Space

Space storage systems have been joined by:

  • Echo tier 2 storage for seamless backup, archiving and failover editing
  • Echo 36 nearline systems have been introduced to support media archives, data centres and organizations that are moving from the Terabyte into the Petabyte territory
  • EX and EX36 units that build in the background and can even increase overall system performance
  • LTO Space is now fast and centralized. Designed for BBC Archives, these multi-drive tape systems reside on the network for the fastest transfer of files and complete projects

Going Beyond HD

With Space SSD and the advent of 10Gb Ethernet, GB Labs was among the first to deliver Super Tier 1 products - lightning fast shared storage supporting massive numbers of concurrent streams, multiple uncompressed HD streams and even 4K DPX environments. Space SSD can be expanded dynamically with EX SSD devices.

Space Intelligenge

With the launch of the Core 3 OS, Space incorporates hierarchical storage management and intelligent storage tiering, for the active management of data and media assets. Ageing files and completed projects can now be offloaded automatically from online systems onto nearline or tape archive, freeing up capacity for newly ingested material and the latest projects. Other significant developments include faster and deeper interplay with leading media asset management solutions, class-leading Avid project supportActive Directory integration, and extensive multi-language support.

Bridging the Gap

Many users are now migrating to GB Labs' network attached storage for its speed of installation, ease of use and sheer performance. Owners of SAN systems can attach their existing fibre-connected storage system to Space networks with the Bridge unit. This instantly enables users to enter the GB Labs environment, and share data with users with no need for client updates, specialist adapters, drivers or licences. It also enables administrators to transfer data swiftly and - if required - automatically, with all Space network storage devices, with no need for a control PC.

A NAS for all Seasons

Space has an enviable reputation throughout the broadcast, post production, transcoding, CGI and animation community. As a result, GB Labs has developed the range to bring the advantages of Space to every type of user:

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