The little box with Super Human powers...

With the performance characteristics that only a pure SSD system can deliver, Mini SPACE SSD is totally unique and hugely capable when working with demanding media in the field.

Key Features

Extreme Performance

Ultra-high data rates for consistent levels of performance with multiple users working in a high-resolution environment.


Technology developed by GB Labs to deliver consistent high performance through Ethernet. Using standard sharing protocols and no client side software, NAS convenience meets SAN performance.

Core 3

Feature rich operating system full of workflow tools designed for real-world media environments. These work seamlessly in the background allowing you to do what you do best – create.

Energy Efficient

Mini SPACE SSD is highly energy efficient because it is cooler running, giving you performance, while saving on energy and therefore cost.

Platform Agnostic

GB Labs storage is developed for total cross platform compatibility, allowing PC, Mac and Linux platforms to collaborate and share data freely and efficiently.


Mini SPACE SSD is a highly portable powerhouse built for secure on location media acquisition and editing in the field. At only 12KG it is lightweight and portable making it ideal for fast deployment around the World.

How Mini SPACE SSD can help you

One of the only truly portable shared storage solutions available today. Mini SPACE is only 12Kg and fits into a suitable flight case to keep the weight to only 23 Kg total, perfect to check in or carry into rugged locations. There is also DC options for the unit allowing you to run the unit from vehicle (12V) power or camera batteries.

The inclusion of a large RAID 5 protected storage gives peace of mind when off loading camera cards and keeps all data secure whilst editing or accumulating rushes in the field.


  • Unit Dimensions H21.2, W27.3, D39.3cm  (H8.3", W10.7", D15.4")
  • Shipping weight (inc packaging) 13.5Kg  (29.7lbs)
  • Unit dimensions (inc packaging) 48x40x36cm  (18.8"x15.7"x14.1")
  • Input range  100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Power requirements standby  11W
  • Power requirements full load 200W
  • PSU safety  EMC - USA-UL listed, Canada-CUL listed, Germany-TUV Certified, EN60950/IEC 0950 Compliant
  • Single PSU as standard
  • Option for dual redundant PSUs
  • Operating temperature range  10 - 35C
  • Non-operating temperature range -40 - 70C
  • Operating humidity range  8 - 90% non-condensing
  • Non-operating humidity range  5 - 95% non-condensing
  • Portable unit
  • Eight hot swap high performance 2.5' enterprise SSD drive units
  • RAID 5 operation for data protection as standard
  • 2 off 10G Ethernet (GbE) ports for client connections
  • 2 off 1G Ethernet (GbE) ports for client connections
  • 1 off IPMI port for hardware monitoring
  • Option for additional 1/10/25/40G Ethernet (GbE) ports 
  • USB 2.0/3.0
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