An incredibly powerful and secure cloud service designed specifically for the media industry.

GB Labs NEBULA system is a secure storage platform. NEBULA solves today's storage challenges, delivering a robust archive, backup and data exchange solution that is scalable, easy to use and integrates elegantly with the company's media storage range.

 NEBULA is a software application built into our SPACE online and ECHO systems. The software facilitates connection to a dedicated cloud-based storage facility and manages all data transfer options.

Key Features


Off site backup has many advantages when it comes to fire, flood or theft. Nebula is provided from ultra secure ex military bunkers in the UK and synchronised across three sites.

Scalable Capacity

NEBULA capacity is scaled inline with your needs, add terabytes of additional storage as required and whenever it is needed.


With no transfer costs in or out and charges for capacity usage only, Nebula offers administrators a practical alternative to continually investing in local storage.

Scalable Archives

Local storage can never be finite in scale. Whether it's the physical size of the machine room, the running costs of powering multi-Petabyte silos or the management overhead of maintaining the storage network, administrators need a practical alternative to continually investing in local storage.

By incorporating cloud storage into the workflow, organisations can now put processes in place that offload completed projects into a remote archive. Aged files are uploaded off-site, with users able to restore assets quickly and securely. Consequently, local archive storage is reserved for the most recent projects and live data, with online and nearline capacity always available to network users. With NEBULA this routine can even be fully automated.

Secure Backup

Files backed up locally can never be fully secure. Even the most scrupolous data duplicaiton and file verification system cannot fully account for fire, flood or theft. NEBULA offers the solution with a secure, off-site service that allows users to backup and restore entire storage networks using the cloud.

NEBULA itself is exceptionally robust. From built-in encryption of data at rest and in motion to a range of authentication and access control options, the NEBULA solution includes a wide range of capabilities designed to help you meet your security requirements. These security capabilities have been implemented to enable better security without compromising scalability, availability, ease of management, or economic efficiency.

Reliability and Availability

In a NEBULA system, the reliability and availability characteristics of the system are configurable. For extremely demanding applicaitons, reliability of up-to 16 mines (99.99999999999999%) and availability of up-to 8 nines (99.999999%) can be provided. The Nebula system has the flexability to offer customers the ability to choose an appropriate level of reliability and availability to balance security and cost considerations.

Data durability is maintained over time by built-in integrity checking and self-repari capabilities.

The NEBULA Cloud

Located within purpose-built facilities, formerly owned by the UK Ministry of Defence, our data centres are secure by design. They have 3m reinforced concrete. Located within purpose-built facilities, formerly owned by the UK Ministry of Defence, our data centres are secure by design. They have reinforced concrete walls, solid steel doors, and 24-hour CCTV, with additional security measures including visual verification of all persons entering and escorted access.

Defence measures include Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and Tempest RFI intrusion protection. Our facilities are also highly available, with auto-failover and replication across our two main sites combined with full redundant power ensuring 100% uptime.


NEBULA enables our customers to turn onerous tasks into a source of business advantage by driving down the cost of compliance and increasing agility through the utility consumption model. We are accredited to and complient with:
  • ISO 27001 - the Internationally recognised standard encompassing both physical and logical aspects of information secuity.
  • PCI DSS - the de facto security requirement for organisations that store, process or transmit cardholder details.
  • HMG-CESG and G-Cloud certified
  • NHS IGSoC Approved - IGSoC sets out a range of security related requirements that safeguard the NHS National Network (N3) and information assets.

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