Centreville Télévision

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Founded in 1982 and located in Paris, only minutes from France Télévisions, Canal+, and TF1, Centreville Télévision is ideally placed to exploit its experience with a complete production and postproduction chain, from shooting to broadcast-ready-file delivery.

At each phase, experienced and highly motivated teams ensure delivery of the highest quality level of the products. With a surface area of 3,500 m², Centreville Télévision’s site contains all necessary facilities, including studios; non-linear editing systems; sound mixing consoles; colour grading; special effects; centralised storage; duplication; encoding; and broadcastready-file production.

The Issue

Increase in demand but with aging storage servers

Centreville Télévision works a lot with Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools. Its network includes several storage servers, but they were aging and disparate, which meant that Centreville Télévision’s ability to use saved rushes in real time was considerably slowed. This was increasingly becoming a handicap that could no longer be tolerated given increasing demands on production turnaround.

Moreover, they wanted a backup system to help free capacity on their 300TB Avid Nexis by moving completed projects to nearline storage, enabling live projects that required editing performance across nearly 50 mixed-platform (Mac or Windows) edit stations to take precedence.

Importantly, the backup solution itself had to be powerful enough for at least 10 editors to work from in the event the Avid Nexis went offline for any reason, and it had to complement, i.e., be layered on top of, Centreville Télévision’s existing NAS systems with no disruption to workflow.


The Solution

ECHO 36 high-speed, nearline storage system was the answer

Centreville Télévision turned to GB Labs’ and determined that GB Labs’ ECHO 36 highspeed, nearline storage system was the answer. The secure redundancy (PSU, RAID); huge storage capacity; and 10GbE connectivity included in ECHO 36 was the right solution for resolving the existing storage and usage bottlenecks.

ECHO 36 uses a 32 disk RAID 6 set in each enclosure with two ‘hot spare’ drives for automatic rebuild in the unlikely event of a RAID set disk failure. The RAID controller also uses a battery backup to preserve data within the write cache should anything go awry.

One of the many beauties of any GB Labs system is interoperability. It simply layers over existing infrastructure systems, which has the added benefit of making far better use of Centreville Télévision’s existing NAS without require replacement.

Capacity Expansion

Total storage expansion is available up to a staggering 10.7PB (Petabytes)

All GB Labs ECHO products offer large unit sizes, but none more than the ECHO 36 platform, with single units providing up to 448TB if desired. For power users, total storage expansion is available up to a staggering 10.7PB (Petabytes).

ECHO 36 EX SAS expansion units can be connected to the ECHO 36 platform to grow the storage dramatically. Unit sizes ranging from 64TB to 448TB can be added quickly and without interruption.

Additionally, different capacity units can be mixed and matched, and for some applications it makes sense to configure the storage as a single volume, but that can also be expanded as needs require. All of the data stays exactly where it was while dramatic re-sizing takes place, almost instantly, which eliminates costly down time.


If your content is outgrowing your archive, or if you're concerned about securely replicating your primary data, ECHO 36 is the answer. It's massive, safe, fast and flexible.

Sylvian Montmory

Centreville Télévision Technical Manager