18 Nov 2014

BLOG: SPACE, the one stop storage shop

BLOG: SPACE, the one stop storage shop

End-to-end storage

As of IBC 2014, GB Labs is the only one stop shop manufacturer for shared storage. This doesn’t just mean that we have tier 1, 2 and 3 offerings (which we do), it means so much more...

Unlike other manufacturers, we offer flexible shared storage solutions for every type of user. As a result, our customers span post houses, broadcasters and national archives... to location news producers, independent production teams and on-set film crews.

Pret a Porter

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Within each tier, users have multiple options to choose from.

Take LTO as an example. We currently manufacture LTO SPACE, a central multi-drive system for large workgroups. BBC Archives relies on the product to record and preserve tens of thousands of hours of 1970s and 1980s programming. At the other end of the spectrum Mini LTO is a portable device used on location to secure rushes and production clips onto secure LTO-6 tape. Other customers have invested in Midi LTO, a hybrid editing and archive solution for studio-based workgroups, delivering a complete storage workflow in a single box.

Made to Measure

With HDD, SSD, 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet options, the GB Labs range can be tailored and tuned to deliver the capacity and performance each customer needs.

We also build scalability into the heart of the rack products. ECHO (16 bay) and ECHO (36 bay) nearline can be expanded up-to many petabytes in size with the addition of cost- effective EX units. The capacity of SPACE can be increased very quickly; with the addition of further raid controllers, EX can also deliver additional performance. SPACE can also benefit from the HyperSpace unit which adds SSD levels of performance for phenomenal read/write speeds.

End of Season

The GB Labs range is completed by SPACE Bridge.

When customers invest in SPACE, they are typically astonished by its level of sustained performance and its user-friendliness. However, we urge users not to throw their old storage kit away. SPACE Bridge converts fibre channel and SAS storage for use as a NAS; it gives them the SPACE user experience and extends the life of their pre-existing kit. Sadly, it cannot bring third party storage up-to the performance level of SPACE.