03 Sep 2013

Cantemo teams with GB Labs - IBC Storage News

Cantemo teams with GB Labs - IBC Storage News

Asset Management partnership delivers fruit at IBC 2013

With the announcement of Cantemo’s partnership with network RAID specialist GB Labs, a total media platform is created. Now media can be managed seamlessly throughout its lifecycle from ingest to delivery and archive, with content transferred, copied and secured over Ethernet networks with none of the usual data interchange issues. Cantemo Portal will intelligently organise and process almost limitless numbers of files over GB Labs’ SPACE multi-tier storage systems.

The relationship with GB Labs sees the software optimised and certified to run across SPACE networks, from super tier one (SSD units) to ECHO (tier two) and SPACE LTO (tape archive).

Parham Azimi, CEO of Cantemo remarked “Cantemo is designed to make life easier for video and TV professionals. However, transferring files to nearline storage or retrieving data from archive offline often requires use of a data transfer application. With GB Labs, the process is far simpler; there’s no need for a client program, it’s just fast and intuitive. This is why their SPACE technology is such a good fit with Cantemo: it’s all about the speed without any over- complication.”

Cantemo Portal streamlines and manages broadcast and post production file-based workflows, from ingest and edit to playout and archive. Its ingest and transcoding engine, content management system, project and storage administration tools and media distribution technology, in combination with the powerful extension layer which allows the system to be customised by any third-party make it arguably the most complete solution on the market.

“SPACE is all about performance: the best sustained read/write speeds, the fastest workflow and the quickest installation. Cantemo’s Portal takes us to the next level, helping editors, media managers, archivists and programme makers locate, process and deliver content more rapidly than ever. This is a superb match.” Notes Ben Pearce, Sales and Marketing Manager at GB Labs.

The solution can be seen for the first time at IBC 2013 on the 7.J15B stand.