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12 Sep 2022

Cost of ownership: maximising the value proposition

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Cost of ownership is typically understood as a financial estimate intended to help buyers and owners determine the direct and indirect costs of a product or service. The three components of cost that must be captured in developing a total cost of ownership model are acquisition costs, ownership costs, and post-ownership costs.

At GB Labs we have always believed in selling what is applicable, and our range is very wide. Competing with the wider market offerings, we bring that professional video edge to every customer, no matter what the entry price level.

As a company we address many areas with our storage range but the ethos has always been that we will sell what is best for the customer and we will give you a path that allows you to grow into what you want to become – and obviously if you don’t end up growing into that then it hasn’t been any more expensive than buying what you needed in the first place.

We have always built at appliance level and a five-year warranty is available. We don’t charge a huge amount for software licenses. In fact Unify Hub is pretty much the only annual license that you would have to pay for: everything else is sold with the storage at the point of sale.

How do we compare to other companies? We’re not the cheapest and we’re not the most expensive; but if you look at the competition we have on some larger projects, our value proposition is far stronger than traditional big players.


We can achieve a lot more with less cost. We are one of the new breed of agile companies that rides the open sourcing wave and we’re able to leverage some great technology as a result.

We’re effectively guaranteeing performance because we’ve done it and we know our industry. We don’t believe we’ve ever had a situation where a customer says, ‘oh my god this doesn’t perform like you said.’ Quite the opposite: we’re honest and reserved in what we say in performance terms and generally we exceed it massively.

We build our own operating system, we assemble from the best hardware and then we test intensively and customise as much as possible until we can provide the best performance and reliability.

An analogy is the gaming market. If you take an Xbox or a Playstation and a whole bunch of developers, they’ll get a lot more from that platform because they’re designing for a hardware specification. That’s something we’ve always done: there is a lot of generic OS out there that will work on pretty much anything, but will it give you great performance and will it squeeze out the best from all of the hardware you have just bought?

As a pioneer in storage for media production environments, we bring together our deep industry knowledge and best of breed software and hardware to create a compelling cost-performance ratio across our portfolio.