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12 Sep 2022

Flexible working: you choose, you use

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The benefits of – and the need for – flexible working have been highlighted sharply during the pandemic, and every company has learned that it is possible. More than that, people expect it nowadays.

Being able to choose at least some flexibility in working hours is now a priority for many people. Most people need a job and have to be able to dedicate time to that, but not to the detriment of family life, home life, or life outside work.

This shift in mindset has brought about a major change. And if that means remote working combined with flexible hours, then that is something we have definitely learned and must be able to provide.

If we were working in a different industry, simply dealing say with databases and documents, flexible working wouldn’t really be a relevant discussion: of course you could work from home with documents and spreadsheets, at any time of your choosing.

But if you are an editor or creative person in media production, can you do the same things at home that you can in the office? At GB Labs we think that with our Unify Hub technology you can make up your own mind, it really doesn’t matter; the company still gets your output and nothing is restricted. We believe this very much gives you flexible working with our Unity Hub Client software and the single path to files and folders, project access is seamless.

If your workforce is provided with complete flexibility, it’s then very difficult to predict how many people will be in the office at a certain time and how much load will be placed on the storage system. In a way that plays towards things like our HyperSPACE system which is exponentially accelerated and able to deal with huge volumes of data and variable loads on the system. With a system like this you don’t need to worry.

One of the other technologies we have is Dynamic Bandwidth Control, which is ultimately a highly efficient intelligent QoS. At the point where you may start to run out of performance, it will slow down non-essential things or people you have defined at the outset. This gives the system the ability to use its analytics to dynamically regulate data access speed as required, because higher priority users might require essential bandwidth.

It adapts all the time and is thus applicable to non-predictable load on the system. Dynamic Bandwidth Control can also control data replication (which Cloud can be a source or destination) automated file movements and transcoding for our Mosaic asset manager.

You’re harnessing your on-premise and high performance users, grading and all the rest of the assets in the office, but you’re also seamlessly integrating people who want to work at home one day and in the office the next; or people who are in a different country; or even freelancers.

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