01 Jun 2015

GB Labs aims ultra-high at Broadcast Asia 2015

GB Labs aims ultra-high at Broadcast Asia 2015

Storage manufacturer, GB Labs will be exhibiting brand new equipment and making important announcements at this year’s Broadcast Asia in Singapore.

New Product Launch

On the product development front, the company will launch SPACE+, an enhanced tier 1 shared storage device with very high capacities and superior performance. Available in base configurations up to 128TB and expandable to 6PB, it is ideal for very large HD workgroups and teams operating with massive projects. While it is class-leading as an online HDD RAID storage system, when paired with the SSD-based HyperSpace accelerator, it can deliver and sustain truly remarkable bitrates. With a 400% boost in performance, SPACE+ can support shared 4K environments.

“SPACE+ is the platform that broadcasters and post houses in Asia need as editing and grading workgroups grow in size and as the transition to UltraHD draws near. Its size, scalability and speed make it a truly future-proofed investment.” Commented Ben Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director of GB Labs.

Partnerships Bear Fruit

Alongside the release of the new storage platform, the company is unveiling a critical new partnership with ToolsOnAir to provide the storage backbone for its broadcast suite. At the same time, GB Labs is announcing the availability of a new plug-in from CatDV that intelligently connects the media asset manager to SPACE LTO systems. This gives users full control over the movement of files and projects from offline to nearline and online platforms, with full transparency over the status of jobs and the location of files.

A key development in GB Labs’ relationship with Marquis Broadcast, the market leader in collaborative Avid editing tools, is also being announced. The company’s new Workspace Parking and disaster recovery solution is now supported by GB Labs' storage systems. This gives users complete oversight of every project and each associated file, which is essential for multi-tier storage management, data security and project restoration.

“GB Labs has always created platforms that are play well with other manufacturers’ software and partnering with these best of breed solutions means that our customers do not need to make any compromises. We were among the first to support mixed OS workgroups and every major NLE; our deep integration with the industry’s best MAM and project workflow suppliers will now give our users the control, versatility and flexibility they need.” Concludes Pearce.