05 Nov 2019

GB Labs and Trams target new market sectors for storage solutions

GB Labs and Trams target new market sectors for storage solutions

GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent media storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, has formalised a storage systems partnership with Trams Ltd., the award-winning IT solutions provider.

GB Labs and Trams have already enjoyed success in selling and supporting GB Labs systems to some of Trams’ top customers, primarily to the media industry, but increasingly outside that sector.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “Coupled with the depth and breadth of Trams IT experience in media, business, and education, it’s an excellent meeting of minds, markets, and technologies that deliver substantial benefits to customers of both companies. We’re also taking a very close look at jointly developing our respective offerings for the sport market, always a major driver of technical innovation.”

Created and enhanced to help improve demanding workflows - with the added benefit of saving users time and money - the intelligent features included in GB Labs systems are the award-winning Mosaic automatic asset organiser; Analytics Centre, and brand-new CORE.4 and CORE.4 Lite OS software.

Mosaic automatic asset organisation software integrates with AI tagging systems to automatically scour metadata, providing powerful search and highly intuitive retrieval without manual intervention. Analytics Centre provides highly useful network visibility, enabling users to see at a glance how data is being used, and by whom.

The CORE.4 software is a high-performance custom operating system that provides exceptionally stable performance for every user on the system by extracting the best possible performance from disk.

Trams Sales Director Nick Johnson said, “We have already had significant success in our alignment with GB Labs systems. We’re particularly excited about GB Labs’ Dynamic Bandwidth Control technology, which ensures that GB Labs storage clients always operate at peak performance.

“Our formalised partnership is good news for everyone, and we look forward to expanding our business with GB Labs for a wide range of applications.”

About Trams:

Trams Ltd is an award-winning independent IT solutions provider, servicing large international companies, household brands and SME’s. With an in-depth knowledge of industry technology, strong vendor relationships and decades of experience, Trams can deliver tailor-made solutions.

About GB Labs:

GB Labs is the global leader in intelligent media storage, creating a shared storage ecosystem for the media industry. By understanding real-world industry problems, cutting-edge technologies have been developed for the unique "CORE" software that fulfils end users’ needs. Regardless of where the production is being filmed, how big the team is or the size of budget, GB Labs can provide a solution to ensure deadlines are met and throughout the whole process, content is secure.