16 Apr 2013

GB Labs delivers significant performance boost across entire range

GB Labs delivers significant performance boost across entire range

BlueShift-enabled central storage sees a 20% speed boost, doubling the number of concurrent streams compared with competitive storage products.

GB Labs will demonstrate incredible speed increases* in its Gigabit and 10-Gigabit central storage systems at NAB 2013. Supporting even greater numbers of simultaneous video streams and the highest ever sustained data rates, GB Labs will extend its lead as the shared storage performance king.

“Our tier one platform can now support double the number of concurrent streams compared with competitive products. Implementing our new BlueShift technology means we can deliver extreme, sustained performance levels to creative workgroups for all Ethernet sharing protocols.” Says Ben Pearce of GB Labs.

BlueShift enables SPACE storage solutions to super-saturate network connections with media data to an extent no other technology can match. BlueShift is a key part of the company’s new CORE.3 OS, which is previewed at Las Vegas in 2013. Every SPACE system in the range will also benefit from broader enhancements and efficiencies in the new system software which delivers dramatic improvements to data read and write speeds.

“Our tests show an overall performance boost of up-to 20%. This will deliver huge and immediate benefits to creative workgroups as they engage with ever higher resolution files and increasingly complex projects.”Pearce remarks.

As SPACE has been designed to operate without a metadata controller, media files do not have to share bandwidth with control data, allowing for the highest possible media transfer rates. These result in highly efficient data transfer, not only with CIFS and NFS implementations but also with Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), where again GB Labs sets a new standard for data transfer rates.

The forthcoming CORE.3 OS can be installed remotely and at no charge by users that purchased their system during 2013. It is available to all other SPACE owners at £1,000 GBP /circa $1,500 US, a price that includes the supply of the OS pre-installed on an enterprise SSD with all required cabling.

*in line with results achieved by GB Labs in real world scenario testing.