26 Mar 2014

GB Labs doubles the speed of shared storage

GB Labs doubles the speed of shared storage

The fastest HDD SPACE central storage ever to be unveiled at NAB

At NAB 2014, GB Labs will release a new range of its SPACE central storage with dramatically enhanced read and write speeds and unprecedented performance under extreme stress.

100% performance gain

“Tier one storage has to move forward. It’s not just about the volume of data that’s now stored and shared centrally. It’s also the number of users connected to the NAS and the huge variety of file sizes that the network handles – from a few kilobytes to many gigabytes. The new technology in SPACE delivers up-to 100% performance improvement in our real-world tests.” Ben Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director at GB Labs.

The new SPACE incorporates significant innovation including IDA (In-flight Data Acceleration) for sustained speed under extreme stress and BlueShift technology to deliver incredible networking speeds for all sharing protocols. SPACE Bandwidth Control is a new feature guaranteeing quality of service for attached clients. Administrators can control bandwidth and data rates at the read and write level and for each client; critical, high impact jobs can be now prioritised over routine back-ups and lower data rate processes, such as audio editing.

“While it’s easy to be carried away by pure performance figures, it’s important to remember what this means for editors and content creators: users can work with full resolution files with no need for time-intensive proxy transcoding and conforming. Projects can be worked on by multiple editors with no fear of system slow-down. It’s a real breakthrough.” Noted Pearce.

SPACE can now handle as many as 100 concurrent HD streams – more than twice the number supported by the last version.

Expanding credentials

Other advances include the manufacture of larger capacity units; new 80TB and 96TB models are now available. As with the earlier version, SPACE can be expanded in minutes with EX units up-to a total of 1.7 petabytes. In common with all GB Labs storage SPACE can reside on mixed OS networks, with no need for special client adapters, drivers or licenses.