07 Sep 2018

GB Labs introduces brand new software to their FastNAS range, Mosaic – Piecing your assets together

GB Labs introduces brand new software to their FastNAS range, Mosaic – Piecing your assets together

GB Labs is launching its' newest Mosaic and FlashBack software to their FastNAS range, which will save users’ time and vastly enrich their browsing experience. Mosaic with FlashBack will be included free on all GB Labs’ FastNAS products ordered from IBC 2018, making it easier for users to search and see a quick preview of their video assets; finding their data much more easily.

In addition to this, Mosaic, which users may compare to a MAM, has the ability to scour through media file Metadata and make it accessible and therefore searchable for the users so they’re able to pin point what they’re looking for and Mosaic will automatically find it quickly and effectively –piecing your assets together.

In comparison, a traditional MAM can be costly and overkill for workflow requirements. Traditionally, a person is needed to review audio, images and video before manually categorising the data, which can be laborious and time-consuming. However, Mosaic can prompt for the addition of categorised tagging at the point of ingest; saving time and making it easier to find your assets at a later date. Moreover, the additional new feature of FlashBack is GB Labs' way of being able to preview the files instantly.

“We specialise in workflow, which is why our Mosaic gives you the tools to organise, index and find the files you need to complete media projects on time, to specification and on budget, without the additional (and typically unused) functionality of many extensive MAM.” – Ben Pearce, Director, GB Labs.

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