27 Mar 2019

GB Labs Launches Mosaic Asset Organisation Software at NAB Show 2019.

GB Labs Launches Mosaic Asset Organisation Software at NAB Show 2019.

NAB 2019, 6-11 April, Booth SL5324: GB Labs will release its new asset organisation software, Mosaic, for its existing SPACE, ECHO and VAULT intelligent storage range with new features that save users time and money by providing an easy and efficient solution for asset organisation and retrieval.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “Assets should present themselves to a user in an order that the user decides, rather than them wasting time trawling through terabytes of data to find what they need.

Mosaic is highly intuitive and greatly streamlines workflows in ways users could not have previously imagined. We specifically created Mosaic to make it far easier for users to search and view quick previews of their video assets, and we succeeded.”

Some may initially assume that Mosaic is a type of MAM, but traditional MAMs can be costly overkill for many workflow environments because an operator is frequently required to review all data before manually categorising it.

Mosaic, on the other hand, automatically scours all inbuilt metadata and integrates with AI tagging systems to fully provide the power to store, catalog, and retrieve assets with no need to manually enter metadata.

Already included in GB Labs’ FastNAS storage range, Mosaic is now available as an integral part of GB Labs’ recently launched CORE.4 operating system.