10 Sep 2019

GB Labs rockets FastNAS storage connectivity to 25 GbE.

GB Labs rockets FastNAS storage connectivity to 25 GbE.

IBC 2019, 13-17 September, Stand 7.B26: Leaders in intelligent storage solutions, GB Labs will showcase further acceleration of its FastNAS storage systems with the introduction of new 25 GbE connectivity at IBC 2019.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “The current LC fibre link speed capability is approximately 10 Gb. That may be OK for some, but to take further advantage of the speed and power of what our FastNAS storage already offers, we have connectivity that ascends to 25 GbE, which delivers a proven 2.3 GB/s from server to desktop and is running on LC cables.

“In short, there is no more metaphoric waiting around. In addition, 25 GbE FastNAS can use existing LC fibre channel cabling infrastructures, meaning there are fewer additional technologies to deploy or infrastructure to tear down and rebuild."

The centrepiece of the newly 25 GbE-enabled FastNAS is its new CORE.4 OS, a high- performance, custom operating system designed to serve media files with additional intelligence layers that deliver stability and quality of service.

Harland added, “CORE.4 turned out to be so powerful that we soon discovered 10 GbE fibre was actually a bottleneck, but no longer. With FastNAS at 25 GbE, users can fully exploit the benefits of 25 GbE, especially for 4K workflows.”

FastNAS media production storage systems are available in a range of configurations, including FastNAS F-8 Nitro Studio; FastNAS F-8 Nitro; FastNAS F-16; and FastNAS F-16 Nitro – all of which now take advantage of blistering new connectivity speeds and rock-solid reliability.

The FastNAS range begins shipping in 25 GbE configurations at IBC 2019. Optional dual-25 GbE port versions are available on most models and is also backward compatible with 10GbE.