06 Sep 2018

GB Labs to introduce failover option in SPACE range at IBC 2018

GB Labs to introduce failover option in SPACE range at IBC 2018

GB Labs will be releasing their latest CloakDR software for SPACE, SPACE SSD and ECHO (36 Bay); designed for complete disaster recovery.

The intelligent storage company, who provide a comprehensive range of online, near line, backup and archive solutions for Media and Entertainment workflows; is excited to be announcing their latest failover feature, CloakDR, for SPACE, SPACE SSD and ECHO (36 Bay) solutions at IBC this September.

Developed by GB Labs, CloakDR allows customers to benefit from a truly redundant storage solution that defines disaster recovery planning. It ensures that if the primary storage becomes unavailable, the other will kick in and take over.

It has been designed to not only protect against typical server failures, such as: disk, OS or PSU failure, but the bigger issues too, including: rack power outage, accidental removal of network or power cabling, switch failures and even a complete server room outage, with systems placed in separate server rooms.

Additionally, separate buildings could be used to house each storage unit, in order to give protection against fire and flood damage. With a fast and seamless failover, it minimises any disruption to user’s workflow and maximises peace of mind.

"Typically, we see customers’ existing solutions failover in 10 seconds or more, which is enough to cause unacceptable disruption, but with our CloakDR, it can failover in 2 seconds... Meaning complete and seamless failover redundancy in many situations."- Ben Pearce, Director GB Labs

About GB Labs

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