27 Feb 2019

GB Labs to launch brand new software and features at NAB 2019

GB Labs to launch brand new software and features at NAB 2019

NAB 2019, 6-11 April, Booth SL5324: Leaders in intelligent storage solutions, GB Labs will launch brand new software, features and updates to its FastNAS and SPACE, ECHO and VAULT ranges at NAB 2019.

Created and enhanced to help improve demanding, media-centric workflows with the continued support of saving users time and money, the intelligent new features include Mosaic asset organiser and the latest Analytics Centre to the SPACE, ECHO and VAULT ranges and brand- new "CORE.4" and "CORE.4 Lite" software to the S.E.V. and FastNAS ranges.

"We approach challenges from a different angle. We're not a huge IT company that decided to make NAS as a side project. We are deeply rooted in the media industry, so we applied our in- house expertise and experience to create intelligent storage technology specifically for the media industry, not as an afterthought," confirmed Dominic Harland, CEO-CTO, GB Labs.

Mosaic, which already features on the FastNAS range is to be launched on the SPACE and ECHO products. The software, which users may compare to a MAM, is an asset organiser that can automatically scour all inbuilt metadata and integrate with AI tagging systems to give users the power to find what they're looking for, without having to manually enter any metadata.

Analytics Centre will give users the visibility into their network so that they're able to see how they're using their data, giving them a better understanding of individual or system-wide use, with suggestions on how optimization can be addressed much more quickly and at a lower cost.

The new "CORE.4" software for both ranges builds on GB Labs' current "CORE.3" offering a high-performance custom OS that is specifically used to serve media files; allowing a stable performance for every user, getting the very best from the least amount of disk, which saves power.