07 Sep 2018

GB Labs to release brand new AI software - Telescope

GB Labs to release brand new AI software - Telescope

Telescope is deep learning, AI object recognition software that can be trained to find specific objects within media and film clips; not only making it easier for users to find the exact footage that they’re looking for but also potentially trigger automated tasks based on findings.

GB Labs’ noticed that although there were companies who had some form of Artificial Intelligence from image vs. image recognition, to up scaling or downscaling on the fly and from the range of AI on the market, there was nothing suitable that really helped the professional user. Typically, users would have a difficult and time-consuming process of encoding, uploading and downloading content.

Existing solutions are very much driven by consumer interest for things like product placement. For example, consumers may want to find a logo; however, in a professional market, users may want to find their logo that’s shown next to a star football player at a game; as well as the ability to search by multiple objects in the frame at any one time.

Telescope, which is completely scalable and can run in real-time across one or many streams; can be trained on real objects and even groups of objects so it will pull the search together all at once, rather than one thing at a time. When training Telescope, users will have a simple and straight forward experience. The end result is not only that users will own their data set, but they will then be able to search images, videos and stills, in order to find, down to the smallest detail, the exact piece of footage that they’re looking for; saving a lot of time and cost.

In addition to this, once you have pre-trained Telescope on the items you may want to search for and selected a specific object to find. For example; a logo, Telescope will find the clips with a confidence level of 0%-100% certainty that the object the user’s looking for can be found in that location.

"Currently editors have to manually eyeball and final check 100% of footage, whereas this "sifting" technology will bring that down to about 20%, saving the user 80% of their time and staffing costs during this operation or reallocating to other tasks within the business.” – Dominic Harland, Director, GB Labs.

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