19 Aug 2014

Getting Storage ready for IBC 2014

Getting Storage ready for IBC 2014

Storage at IBC 2014: A crossroad

Q: Has IBC come at a good time for the electronic media industry? Why?

The certification of UltraHD is giving the industry the confidence to invest. In the early days of HD, the industry was agonising for years over 720 vs 1080; as soon as the industry made up its collective mind, there was a rush to upgrade. The 4K standard coming along so quickly should make the move to the higher resolution a less drawn out process.

Q: What do you think are the key developments in, or threats to, your market sector at the current time?

In terms of storage, there are few shared systems that can truly sustain multiple 4K channels, let alone DPX streams. The fear is that buyers will assume that this means that online workgroup-based UltraHD editing is currently unachievable. And that’s not the case.

Q: Why should delegates visit GB Labs at IBC?

Because we have new solutions for cost-effective tape archiving and shared 4K storage with no compromises – even on location. What makes our SPACE systems different is scalability, not just in capacity, but also in speed. Find out how we can give HDD systems a massive performance boost to sustain incredible data rates.