23 Sep 2014

Metus certifies GB Labs' SPACE for archive and ingest storage

Metus certifies GB Labs' SPACE for archive and ingest storage

Metus has announced that it has certified GB Labs' storage for its workflow software

The Metus range includes Ingest, a multi-channel, multi-format product and MAM, an enterprise-level media asset management solution. Both products have been tested exhaustively to ensure full compatibility with GB Labs’ range of NAS storage.

“We develop powerful software that pushes many storage systems beyond their limit.” Said Ugur Kavalci, Sales Director at Metus. “SPACE gives our customers the speed, capacity and reliability they need. The scalability of their storage means that it can grow as our users needs’ change: no matter how many channels of video they want to capture, stream or store, the SPACE range handles it with ease.“

Recording to SPACE, INGEST can capture up-to 8 channels of HD video

Metus INGEST can record up-to 8 channels of HD video if paired with a RAID array that has the speed and reliability to cope with very high bitrates. Uniquely, SPACE gives users the headroom they require, with EX expansion units available to deliver additional capacity (up- to 1.7PB) as well as supplementary performance.

GB Labs’ ECHO (16 bay) and ECHO (36 bay) are high efficienct nearline systems that are ideal for massive video archives. With a maximum 4.6 petabyte of storage instantly available to network clients, data can be exchanged rapidly with tier 1 and central LTO devices. This makes the GB Labs range an ideal platform for Metus MAM which gives users the ability to track, search and securely retrieve every asset and video project throughout the storage network at high speed. The system also provides transcoding and image processing tools for complete control over every clip and file, delivering significant workflow efficiencies network-wide.

“The advent of so-called big data can be a massive challenge to video workgroups: it’s become all too easy to lose control of their precious assets. Metus MAM helps SPACE users track clips, share files more easily and send completed projects to low-cost offline storage. The relationship between Metus and GB Labs gives customers all the control they need.” Said Steve Carpenter, International Business Development Manager at GB Labs.