12 Aug 2019

NHL scores with GB Labs

NHL scores with GB Labs

Aldermaston, UK, 12 August 2019 - GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent media storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, has announced that North America’s National Hockey League (NHL) has purchased GB Labs’ MiniSPACE SSD 1RU storage system.

One of the drivers for the NHL’s move to GB Labs was the league’s need for high- performance storage coupled with ease of transport. Its existing storage system had proved to be unreliable, suffering from poor performance and inadequate portability.

GB Labs North American Channel Account Executive John Alaimo said, “A key component of what appealed to the NHL about SPACE SSD was its ability to provide simultaneous live ingest and direct connectivity for multiple editors, which opens up numerous opportunities for the multi-platform delivery of stylised content. Also, on top of the speed of the SPACE SSD range, it provides the performance, portability, and reliability they had previously lacked.”

Following discussions, the league opted for GB Labs’ MiniSPACE SSD 1RU to take advantage of its light weight, high-portability, fast SSD, and the reliability and performance of GB Labs’ acclaimed CORE.4 OS.

The NHL’s MiniSPACE SSD 1RU storage system directly supports eight editors; a data wrangler connected by a high-performance 10GbE in order to receive 1GB/s I/O; and a 24- port switch for instances when extra editors are required.

The GB Labs system enables the NHL production team to easily transport its storage system and reliably edit entirely on location whenever required.