26 Jan 2015

OvationData Joins GB Labs’ Family of Resellers

OvationData Joins GB Labs’ Family of Resellers

OvationData joins the fold

A world leading specialist in data management and digital storage, OvationData has been appointed as a reseller of GB Labs' SPACE storage systems.

OvationData operates globally in the Oil and Gas as well as the media industry and has nearly 40 years’ experience. The company now runs technology and service centres in the United States and United Kingdom and is a respected name in data storage on both sides of the Atlantic.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Ovation.” Noted Chris Luff, UK Sales Manager at GB Labs. “Sales Director Andy McConnell and his team have technical expertise that is second to none and as such they have been entrusted with high profile storage projects that run to many petabytes.”

OvationData’s long track record also points to their skill in data migration, file archiving and format conversion, disciplines which are of critical importance to GB Labs’ media industry customers. For more information on OvationData, please visit their website.