18 Apr 2018

Videocation partners with GB Labs to provide best of class media storage workflows

Videocation partners with GB Labs to provide best of class media storage workflows

Videocation has cooperated with Broadcast and Post-production companies for 40 years now, as a reseller, providing full services. Consulting, Project Management, Solution-oriented Sales, System Integration, Support and Training. Defining the perfect solution for the customer’s pain points needs the availability of perfect products in our portfolio. GB Labs has developed optimised Workflow and Storage Systems for all kinds of media production, which integrate perfectly into our individually designed solutions.

With every generation of new codec and acquisition formats, existing Storage and workflow systems tend to become the bottleneck, which handicaps a creative workflow. Producers have to rely on optimised systems for media content, with the highest level of performance and uninterrupted data throughput. Workflow tools have to be easy to install, upgrade and maintain, as well as easy to expand in seconds, without manually re-configuring the system. This is what GB Labs' products are based on, with a whole set of software tools for data synchronisation, media back-up, content archiving, asset tracking, logging and retrieval.

Third party integration is also realised by supporting open standard file structures, which enable compatibility with leading editing, effects and 3D applications, as well as media asset management solutions, transcoding farms and animation rendering systems. We think about integration with Marquis Project Parking, asset management and project sharing systems, like CatDV, and with Avid/Adobe or Cinegy environments.

About Videocation

More than 40 years of daily practice in dealing with countless applications of multimedia communication has shown us which products and technologies are the best, most reliable and smartest. Video technology, broadcast, post production - what you need, we have.

About GB Labs

GB Labs is the global leader in Intelligent Media Storage and AI Powered Workflows. We design our solutions to be simple to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding media workflows. From ingesting and editing 4K/8K video, to post-production and deep archive, we never skip a beat. Trusted by the world's top news and media organisations. GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable and incredibly FAST solutions. We outperform all competitors, SAN or NAS. Find out how.