GB Labs to introduce fully traceable analytics and single-step MHL support at NAB Show 2020

GB Labs to introduce fully traceable analytics and single-step MHL support at NAB Show 2020

NAB Show 2020, 19-22 April, Booth SL5324: GB Labs, the leader in intelligent storage solutions, has announced that the latest version of its Analytics Centre, a dashboard that runs seamlessly in GB Labs’ SPACE, ECHO, and VAULT intelligent storage devices, will now include full access traceability.

Of interest to everyone that requires storage, Analytics Centre continuously analyses how data handled by the storage system is being used. The display provides a highly accurate and easy-to-interpret look at crucial network and storage usage, including real-time speed and data consumption. With full traceability, file access history is logged giving a complete picture of data usage.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “Analytics Centre gives GB Labs users the visibility they need to ensure their workflow is fully optimised at all times. It takes all the time- consuming, and often incorrect, guesswork out of blindly shopping for storage in hopes that it will improve a workflow.

“Analytics Centre automates the system analysis process with carefully designed algorithms that identify not just potential problems, but precisely where to find and fix them. Moreover, it now includes a significantly updated interface that includes full data logging and full, detailed tracking capabilities that we’re excited to demonstrate for the first time at NAB.”

GB Labs will also demonstrate Media Hash List (MHL) support. MHL is essentially designed to ensure that any copy is an exact replica of the original source media. This is of particular importance to OTT media streaming services that submit files on LTFS to various service providers.

Those service providers must demonstrate their ability to ingest data, checksum it, and produce an MHL report to establish that files are being properly delivered. Once checked and approved, the media streamer can then permit the service provider to use the media.

This process typically requires several steps with software provided by most vendors, but GB Labs software does it all in a single step. It automatically ingests files to a specific location; creates an MHL; does a checksum; and has the files ready to be returned for approval in an instant.

GB Labs will also feature the latest Dynamic Bandwidth Control, which allows an active intelligent use of available bandwidth, the latest Cloak DR as well as new, workflow improvement features for its SPACE, ECHO and VAULT (S.E.V) range, and the latest CORE.4 and CORE.4 Lite OS for its S.E.V., FastNAS and Easy LTO ranges.

Harland added, “FastNAS in particular has really become the go-to for major organisations like Icon Media in Los Angeles, Kingdom Creative in the UK, The Viewmasters in Amsterdam, and many others in recent months. The capacity of our HDD range combined with the ultra- high data rates that our SSD range provides, all at an incredible price, has proven to be the ideal one-box storage platform.”

GB Labs Professional Storage Is More Important Than Ever

GB Labs Professional Storage Is More Important Than Ever

Storage is mission-critical technology, but many vendors get it wrong with storage that is underpowered, not scalable, and lacking in-built “intelligence”.

That’s a major problem because for modern productions, lightning fast, scalable, and intelligent storage has never been more important, and there’s only one current supplier who can provide it, and that’s GB Labs.

GB Labs has sat alone at the top of the intelligent storage industry for nearly two decades. The company was established from the start to push the cutting edge of storage technology to its limits, and beyond, to deliver the very best shared storage available for the media environment.

And it’s succeeded. There are many examples of this, but let’s look at a few.

GB Labs’ 25Gb Ethernet (GbE) connectivity, now included as standard across its entire FastNAS range. This more than doubles the existing industry standard of 10GbE.

GB Labs has done this because 25GbE connectivity is an emerging speed option that is underutilised. Until now, there hasn’t been any technology capable of truly exploiting its full potential. But GB Labs made 25GbE capability integral to its intelligent, high performance FastNAS storage range and is currently the only company that has leveraged its expertise to deliver full 25GbE performance in NAS, no matter how large the system.

And for those who occasionally need an even bigger speed boost, FastNAS Nitro MAX now comes with 40GbE as standard for even faster and more flexible connectivity. Again, GB Labs is the only company that can deliver such a blisteringly fast storage system, and all with virtually no disruption to existing infrastructure.

But with so much data flashing through a storage, it’s critical to know where, how, and by whom it’s being used. As experts in the field, GB Labs developed Analytics Centre, a powerful new feature included with GB Labs’ ECHO fast nearline storage system for data back-up; disaster recovery; and secondary graphics storage. Analytics Centre continuously analyses exactly how data is being used and provides full traceability with an at-a-glance display of network usage that includes highly accurate measures of real-time speed and data consumption.

But with all that speed, volume, and intelligence, how do you catalogue and find what you’ve stored?

GB Labs thought of that, too. Built into FastNAS systems is the award-winning Mosaic, the industry’s first and only media asset organiser that integrates in-built intelligence with a professional AI tagging system to automatically scour, tag, and organise all metadata. That has the effect of eliminating the time-consuming task of manually tagging content, with the added benefit of search results that are a much closer match to the search terms, saving vast amounts time and money.

And while it’s the brilliantly designed architecture that enables Mosaic to do that, it’s performance that separates the winners from the also-rans, and GB Labs performance is second to none.

GB Labs CEO-CTO, Dominic Harland said, “What we hear over and over when we are first called in to resolve a new customer’s storage problem is that they didn’t receive the workflow performance improvements they expected when they added storage in the traditional ways. They would then go to another provider, spend a lot of money, sacrifice down time, and still see very little improvement.

“That’s why we’re different. For example, SPACE SSD not only delivers on performance expectations, it surpasses them, with up to 18GB/s. And while it’s packed with extremely useful tools and benefits that have never before existed in a storage system, it’s not complicated. You can just plug it in and go to work.”

And that’s the beauty of GB Labs storage systems. Most systems require a lot of attention, but GB Labs storage requires hardly any at all.

That’s because they’re intelligent enough to do most of the work themselves.

GB Labs to launch brand new software and features at NAB 2019

GB Labs to launch brand new software and features at NAB 2019

NAB 2019, 6-11 April, Booth SL5324: Leaders in intelligent storage solutions, GB Labs will launch brand new software, features and updates to its FastNAS and SPACE, ECHO and VAULT ranges at NAB 2019.

Created and enhanced to help improve demanding, media-centric workflows with the continued support of saving users time and money, the intelligent new features include Mosaic asset organiser and the latest Analytics Centre to the SPACE, ECHO and VAULT ranges and brand- new "CORE.4" and "CORE.4 Lite" software to the S.E.V. and FastNAS ranges.

"We approach challenges from a different angle. We're not a huge IT company that decided to make NAS as a side project. We are deeply rooted in the media industry, so we applied our in- house expertise and experience to create intelligent storage technology specifically for the media industry, not as an afterthought," confirmed Dominic Harland, CEO-CTO, GB Labs.

Mosaic, which already features on the FastNAS range is to be launched on the SPACE and ECHO products. The software, which users may compare to a MAM, is an asset organiser that can automatically scour all inbuilt metadata and integrate with AI tagging systems to give users the power to find what they're looking for, without having to manually enter any metadata.

Analytics Centre will give users the visibility into their network so that they're able to see how they're using their data, giving them a better understanding of individual or system-wide use, with suggestions on how optimization can be addressed much more quickly and at a lower cost.

The new "CORE.4" software for both ranges builds on GB Labs' current "CORE.3" offering a high-performance custom OS that is specifically used to serve media files; allowing a stable performance for every user, getting the very best from the least amount of disk, which saves power.

Aardman invest in even more cracking storage from GB Labs.

Aardman invest in even more cracking storage from GB Labs.

Aardman, the award-winning UK studio and owners of a worldwide reputation for animation have once again invested in GB Labs' storage, adding two SPACE EX solutions to their existing SPACE+ unit.

Innovators of intelligent storage and providers of a comprehensive range of online, nearline, backup and archive solutions for Media and Entertainment workflows, GB Labs, have developed a strong, working relationship with Aardman ever since their first purchase of a GB Labs' storage solution back in 2015; so were delighted when they asked for help with expanding their existing solutions for a brand new, year-long project, due to involve a high level of data.

Aardman decided on GB Labs again based on their need for storage that would add to their current pipeline, with minimal infrastructure and configuration changes; it also helped that one of their considerations for purchasing their first SPACE+ unit, was that it could be easily expanded without needing to worry about separate server heads and multiple namespaces.

The overall benefit of the two new SPACE EX units will be an increase in capacity from 150TB to 250TB. The SPACE EX units were advised as it kept the performance high across the RAID arrays; therefore, storage capacity could be increased without a decrease in speed. All proving vital whilst 160 clients work on current Aardman projects, including; DFS, Change 4 Life and their recent Fortnum and Mason's Christmas commercial.

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"Our storage system from GB Labs has been a high-performing and reliable part of our production pipeline, concurrently used between our Edit, CGI and Grade teams. The network connectivity options and addition of the HyperSpace acceleration layer gives us an accurate playback performance, whilst enabling up to around 160 clients to be connected." - Paul Reeves, Production Engineer, Aardman.

GB Labs FastNAS F-16 Nitro Installed at Kingdom Creative.

GB Labs FastNAS F-16 Nitro Installed at Kingdom Creative.

Aldermaston, UK, 17 February 2020 - GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent media storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, today confirmed that the specialist video production company, Kingdom Creative Studios, has installed GB Labs’ FastNAS F-16 Nitro storage system.

Kingdom Creative founder and Managing Director, Simon Harrison, said, “Our talented in- house team works closely with major brands - primarily in automotive but rapidly expanding into new markets - to deliver powerful video content tailored to engage audiences on every platform, from television to social media.

“However, our expansion, coupled with the advent of 4K, multi-cam shoots and the increasing demand for rapid turnaround, meant that we reached the practical limits of what our existing storage system could do. We had to find a better way to manage and operate storage.”

For the majority of its existence, Kingdom Creative had relied on what many still rely on today, i.e., storing video content on individual drives, backing them up, and walking them up and down corridors or transferring them via couriers.

“As we began taking on larger and more complicated projects,” said Kingdom Creative Head of Creative Technology Ben Treston, “especially when collaboration between editors became important, it turned out that the old methods were no longer viable. Today, we have multiple editors working on many pieces of content from the same project. You can’t share individual hard drives and meet today’s expectations for speed and reliability in those types of scenarios.”

Kingdom Creative Kingdom Creative 3 Kingdom Creative 4

The FastNAS F-16 Nitro system meets those objectives for speed, reliability and value in shared storage. Unlike other NAS products on the market, FastNAS is purpose built to sustain heavy workloads and provide stable and reliable performance, based on best of breed technology exclusively developed in-house, and is comprised of a high-performance unit with unique hybrid disk technology, powered by GB Labs’ proprietary CORE OS.

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “Kingdom Creative emerged from a motorsport world built for speed, and that’s what modern shared storage has been engineered to deal with. FastNAS F-16 Nitro easily accommodates the need for speed – and safety – when dealing with fast turnarounds and sharp bends.”

Kingdom Creative 5

NAB 2020 Preview

NAB 2020 Preview

Ryan Salazar finds out more from Dominic Harland for Broadcast Beat

Ryan Salazar:

I'm Ryan Salazar with NAB Show Live and I'm so excited about the 2020 NAB Show because, well there's toys everywhere, technology, best practice discussions and here's an expert himself - Dominic Harland, CEO and CTO at GB Labs. How’re you doing sir?

Dominic Harland:

Very good, thank you Ryan. Very good.

Ryan Salazar:

It's great to be with you and great to chat with you again, so I've noticed that GB Labs, your logo underneath it, has “Intelligent Storage” - tell us about that.

Dominic Harland:

Okay, so with our central storage systems we've noticed many, many years ago actually, that you have to really control the performance from the disks, and we are in a unique position. We can understand all of what's required from us and asked of us from the various systems on the network, and we're then balancing that with the characteristics of SSD, NVMe or hard drive underneath so making live, intelligent decisions on who gets what, based on, not only a priority, but also what is usefully needed across the network, and that was the fundamental change-point of when we started tagging ourselves, if you like, with “Intelligent Storage”, and we've developed a number of other technologies on top of that since.

Ryan Salazar:

Well you guys are certainly leaders in our industry, and you must be very proud of what you've built over the years. I think it's very exciting as, of course we're all about NAB Show, what can we expect to see from GB Labs this year at the show?

NAB preview

Dominic Harland:

This year we’re bringing our latest Analytics Centre to market, and this is giving users a fantastic view into what's actually going on, on their networks, and with their storage.

We've had a like a one “pane of glass” view of what's going on for the last year or two, and we've upped that, there's a lot of requirements now in the industry to have traceability and tracking, and we've introduced that into the Analytics Centre, and we'll be demonstrating that at NAB, so you can see the things from who's using what files - how much data they are consuming, where it's going to, etc.

Ryan Salazar:

We interview a lot of exhibitors, there's about 1700 I believe, and it's interesting the crossover into other industries that many of these of these exhibitors have. We spoke with another company yesterday, they deal a lot with SAP integration and SAP is dealing with some serious enterprise technology, database technology for the most part, so your technology, how does it benefit folks in corporate America? Let's think of medical or even defence?

Dominic Harland:

Yeah, these days the Media and Entertainment business is, I guess, the core part of of our business historically, but there are so many different companies using media and they're all experiencing the same challenges with media, and really, anybody who's using media has the same issues that, within media we very rarely want a whole file. And that whole process of how that data is moved around networks or workstations with an organisation is very different to normal IT data.

We do have, in fact actually, we started off doing military products and we still have military customers, medical is a big market for us as well, but it's all media specific, and what our products do particularly well for those industries who are not used to typical media entertainment is, they shine a clear light on using standard technology. We're all NAS based, so the the concept of our product is very easy to grasp, and to integrate, but obviously we're delivering the requirements specifically that media requires. What we're doing for those industries, is we’re making it very simple for their IT guys to integrate into their corporate networks, such as; Active Directory and all the rest of the stuff that they’re used to, but giving them the power that they require for media.

Ryan Salazar:

Very nice all right so every time I talk with somebody in one of these interviews about NAB Show, I always want to ask, you've been going any be show for a long time Dominic, is there a cool restaurant or cool part of town, I have never been to Old Town believe it or not - I don't know how that happened, I've been going to NAB for ten years! Guess I'm working too much when I'm out there. Our readers have been sending us suggestions so, a recent suggestion was Yellowtail at The Bellagio, I'm not sure what kind of food they have but do you have a place that you'd like to hang out at the show while you're at the show?

Dominic Harland:

I do and you've put me on the spot because I can't remember the name of the place actually the Bellagio has it has a great little place actually called “Noodles” which I like but that's just because it's usually quick and easy to get into, with decent food. There is a fantastic Thai restaurant just off the strip and, for the life of me I can't remember the name of it, but I think having been for probably the best part of 20 years now, my favourite place honestly is probably the journey back home.

Ryan Salazar:

Exactly, except for that you have to fly a “red-eye”, at least for me, going back to the to the East Coast. Alright, awesome, I can't wait to see you guys Dominic Harland - CEO and CTO at GB Labs. We're going to see you at booth SL5324 at the 2020 NAB Show.

Whisper expands use of GB Labs SPACE storage

Whisper expands use of GB Labs SPACE storage

Aldermaston, UK, 29 July 2019 - GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent media storage solutions for media and entertainment workflows, has announced that London-based Whisper, the sport and live events TV production specialist, has further expanded its GB Labs’ MidiSPACE 3RU storage system with an additional 64TB MidiSPACE 3RU, bringing Whisper’s overall storage capacity to 384TB.

The MidiSPACE 3RU systems supplied to Whisper by GB Labs reseller Jigsaw24 include all of the key features of GB Labs CORE OS, which is full of highly productive workflow tools specifically designed for real-world media production environments. Media management services for the new system are provided by The Collectv.


Whisper was established in 2010 by BAFTA-winning producer Sunil Patel, TV broadcaster Jake Humphrey, and former F1 driver and current F1 commentator David Coulthard, and is one of the fastest-growing TV production companies in the UK, with additional offices in Maidenhead and Cardiff.

In recent years, Whisper has won a raft of contracts from sports federations and established broadcasters alike. Its current sport TV portfolio includes Formula 1, the Rugby World Cup, Women’s Six Nations, SailGP, W Series, Women’s Super League, the NFL and the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Whisper Post Production Manager Ed Veglio said, “I have seen GB Labs in other production environments that I have worked in, so when Whisper needed a large storage system that they would also be able to edit from, my previous experience with MidiSPACE 3RU made it an obvious solution. The CORE operating system is cross-platform compatible; the price per TB is good; and the GB Labs SPACE range provides reliable storage for our long-term media.”

GB Labs CEO-CTO Dominic Harland said, “A great strength of MidiSPACE 3RU is its effortless scalability. Production companies around the world, particularly in light of the advent of 4K and 8K, are paying far more attention to their storage requirements and are finding that the GB Labs SPACE range is the most flexible, reliable, and scalable choice."

GB Labs reveal advanced media storage solution for dft

GB Labs reveal advanced media storage solution for dft

GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent media storage solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry, has worked closely with Digital Film Technology (dft) to develop an alternative storage solution to the traditional Storage Area Network (SAN) solution. SPACE SSD, the latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution means that there is now, for the first time, a viable media storage alternative for Digital Film Technology’s flagship film scanner, Scanity HDR.

dft has been at the forefront of film scanning technology for over 75 years providing solutions for film post-production, archive and restoration market range of high quality, leading-edge products and services. Scanning from film to modern file formats, puts media storage through its paces. dft’s Scanity HDR film scanner can deliver huge 16-bit file sizes in either 4K TIFF or DPX while scanning, which means that consistent and extreme performance is required to ensure files are ingested without corruption or delay. SPACE SSD has been developed, tested and certified for use with Scanity HDR. Capable of speeds of up to 9GB/s means that it is more than enough to ensure Scanity HDR runs at its optimum performance.

If additional capacity or performance for a project is required, SPACE SSD is easily expandable, and its compact footprint means that it can also be housed within the Scanity HDR casing – providing a turnkey solution from dft. Film scanning requires powerful media storage, which was traditionally achieved using Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.

"Modern film scanners demand consistent, high performance from media storage, so we are delighted to work with GB Labs, who have provided a cost-effective and simple to install, alternative to storage area network (SAN) solutions through its Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution." - Simon Carter, dft Sales and Marketing Director.

About GB Labs

GB Labs is the global leader in Intelligent Media Storage and AI Powered Workflows. We design our solutions to be simple to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding media workflows. From ingesting and editing 4K/8K video, to post-production and deep archive, we never skip a beat. Trusted by the world’s top news and media organisations. GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable and incredibly FAST solutions. We outperform all competitors, SAN or NAS. Find out how.

VANTeC partners with GB Labs to power turnkey solutions for media businesses

VANTeC partners with GB Labs to power turnkey solutions for media businesses

Porto, Portugal – VANTeC and GB Labs, the leading provider of Intelligent Media Storage and workflows agree to work together to meet the ever-growing demands of the media content industry.

VANTeC has more than 25 years of experience delivering top notch workflows and equipment solutions for the industry but recognized that more and more businesses are experiencing performance and capacity issues when working with digital media.

With a local presence and a strong knowledge of the media content industry VANTeC is uniquely positioned to solve these issues leveraging the FastNAS storage solutions that GB Labs has developed.

When asked about the future of the partnership Mr. Oliveira, Senior Sales Executive for VANTeC, stated “we will now be able to present solutions to solve 99% of our customers problems, from performance issues to integration! From capacity to flexibility!”

GB Labs' FastNAS and EasyLTO intelligent media storage solutions are a solid building block for VANTeC’s best of breed solutions like CANTEMO for MAM with small to medium size production houses.

Mr. Oliveira went on to say, “Partnering with GB Labs will allow us to provide shared edit solutions with AVID or Project Parking solution with MARQUIS that will meet the growing needs of our media business customers today and tomorrow”.

About VANTeC

VANTeC, SA, was founded in 1991, having 25 years of experience in the markets where it operates. With a vast experience in the market, VANTeC is dedicated to providing technology, consulting, integration, training and support for the Media market, with the aim of optimising the resources of its clients and to offer complete solutions.

VANTeC offers the audio-visual market the most advanced solutions, as well as systems and equipment, developing a set of customized services, so that VANTeC becomes the technological partner of our Customer. Associated with the quality of this technology offer we have as our main objective to provide our customers a high-quality service, turning VANTeC the leading integrator of solutions in the audio-visual market. VANTeC is now part of Danmon Group working in close partnership with Datos Media Technologies SA, in Spain.

Learn more at

About GB Labs

GB Labs is the global leader of Intelligent Scale-out Storage to power and protect your creative workflows.

What does that mean? It means that GB Labs has developed science that makes our solutions easy to use by business and creative professionals, yet powerful enough for the most demanding workflows.

From ingesting 4K/8K video and data, to post production work to long term archive, our solutions don’t skip a beat. Trusted and used by Reuters, Sony Pictures, BBC, Nissan and many others.

The best way to replace SAN systems, GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable and incredibly FAST storage solutions that allow you to work at the speed of inspiration.



To learn more:

GB Labs Media Relations

Units 1-2 Orpheus House,

Calleva Park, Aldermaston


Tel: +44 (0)118 455 5000

VANTeC Media Relations

Rua da Torrinha, 272

4050-610 Porto, Portugal


Tel: +351 223 323 240

MediaPower partners with GB Labs to power industry-leading media workflows.

MediaPower partners with GB Labs to power industry-leading media workflows.

NAB Show, Las Vegas (April 9, 2018) – MediaPower is now a distribution partner of GB Labs in Italy and France.

MediaPower has been in the broadcast and media industry for over two decades and has gained a lot of collective expertise in integrating storage and networking systems into MAM, News, and Sports production systems. MediaPower has always partnered with the best technologies to deliver efficient media workflows to its customers, and it is with this objective that MediaPower brings we now want to bring GB Labs into its portfolio.

“We believe that GB Labs’ offerings are smart storage solutions that fit today’s requirements in the unprecedented use of video in practically every vertical market,” said Marcello Dellepiane, MediaPower CEO. “GB Labs offers much greater flexibility than what legacy storage systems provide, and this makes it a great fit as well with MediaPower’s homegrown MAM system Arkki.”

About MediaPower

MediaPower enables media workflows by providing solutions for media content production and delivery across multiple platforms. MediaPower was founded in 1993 as an integrator of certified networking and storage solutions for the media industry, such as SeaChange International, DataDirect Networks, and Dalet.

About GB Labs

GB Labs is the global leader in Intelligent Media Storage and AI Powered Workflows. We design our solutions to be simple to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding media workflows. From ingesting and editing 4K/8K video, to post-production and deep archive, we never skip a beat. Trusted by the world's top news and media organisations. GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable and incredibly FAST solutions. We outperform all competitors, SAN or NAS. Find out how.

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