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“I was fully aware that there were a lot of storage systems on the market, including DIY options and others that I already knew were far too expensive to even consider. But during this exploratory period, I kept coming back to GB Labs partly because of the relationship I had developed with them, but also, of course, because what GB Labs had to offer increasingly made sense for my short and long-term needs. We soon started talking more seriously, and even though I didn’t really have much of a budget, they offered to loan me a test system with a 10GbE connection, which was exactly what I was looking for at the time.”

Elephant Productions

John McIver | Post Production Supervisor and Editor (2020)

Elephant Productions GBLabs

“We urgently needed a video storage solution that would house all video assets in one place, enabling our entire team to simultaneously use that repository as both source and destination for all video editing needs. We also wanted local redundancy and support for off-site backup, plus extended hardware and software support. We found all of that, and more, in GB Labs FastNAS and its Nitro boost technology.”

Eastern Kentucky University

Leonard Nave | Production Manager/Producer (2019)

Eastern Kentucky University GBLabs

“GB Labs gave us the best value for the type of system we were looking for, with an equally sound solution for expansion. The GB Labs FastNAS F-16 Nitro has provided the capacity, speed and expansion options we were looking for, and did it all within our budget. In the time we have had it, FastNAS F-16 Nitro has proved to be very reliable; and the transfer speed has helped streamline our post production workflow as well as enable multiple editors to collaborate on the same project.”

UCI – Paul Merage School of Business

Geraint Bell | Multimedia Producer, Digital Learning Department (2019)

UCI Merage GBLabs

“A key component of what appealed to the NHL about SPACE SSD was its ability to provide simultaneous live ingest and direct connectivity for multiple editors, which opens up numerous opportunities for the multi-platform delivery of stylised content. Also, on top of the speed of the SPACE SSD range, it provides the performance, portability, and reliability they had previously lacked.”


Adi Antariksa | Chief Business Officer, USA (2019)


“Having FastNAS F-8 Nitro Studio has removed the insecurity about the state of our local data backups. We now have a single solution rather than five. It’s saved us having to keep running out to buy more hard drives for backups. We now have a pretty nice size 20TB backup at our disposal and we can offload from there once we’ve done archival work onto other drives. Our FastNAS has made that process a lot smoother because it’s a single, fast location that everyone is connected to. The FastNAS F-8 Nitro Studio is nothing short of amazing.”


Pedro J. Padilla | Cinematographer, Colorist and Owner (2020)

RifRaf GBLabs

“Having invested previously in SAN technology, the team was well aware of fibre channel’s shortcomings, especially the cost of client licensing, the performance issues and the high level of support needed. The SPACE NAS, expanded with EX units to 192TB, now resides at the centre of the creative workgroup.”

Kenneth Copeland Ministry

Aardman Animations GBlabs

“Well, what SPACE has done for our workflow is a little bit of a blessing, and a little bit of a curse. All of our broadcast divisions used to make a podcast; livestream it; and within 48-hours post the podcast to the internet for people to watch. It’s now reached a point where what used to take 48 hours can be turned around in three to four hours. And that’s film, dump to network, index and work with footage, edit, and upload to the internet. The amount of performance we’ve been able to get out of the system is great, but we’ve created an expectation within our community that we can release videos three to five hours after they’re filmed - every time - which is not always possible! Because of SPACE, we’ve become a victim of our own success.”

Rooster Teeth Productions

Adam Baird | Director of Technology (2019)

RoosterTeeth GBLabs

“The effect is dramatic...We can now run multiple projects concurrently, with editors, animators and the graphics team all working directly on the storage. Even when we’re handling 4K DPX streams, there’s no system slowdown, everything is in real-time.”

Drive Thru

Bob George Flame | VFX Artist and Owner (2018)

Aardman Animations GBlabs

“Traditionally in this industry, SAN has always been “King of the Hill”. But we found the GB Labs’ implementation has really brought NAS to the party & made it a very, very high-speed and worthwhile tool for production!”

Aardman Animations

Paul Reeves | Production Engineer (2017)

Aardman Animations GBlabs