28 Jul 2016

Are you ready for BoxFest on the 7th July

For the fourth year in a row Boxer is proud to present BoxFest; a gathering of customers and suppliers to learn about new technologies, get updated on some current products and chat to suppliers and industry peers. Split into 2 sessions and receptions we hope there's something for everyone.

Starting off BoxFest there will be a morning session for Telestream users covering the exciting new changes coming with Vantage version 7 and debuting the new Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture products bringing live multiscreen encoding, packaging and deployment and video capture and processing solution to the Telestream platform.

In the afternoon we'll have several speakers offering thoughts and directions on various technical topics including:
  • The Cloud - Where is your data really and what are the implications for you and your clients?
  • IP Video - NDI, Aspen, SMPTE 2022 where are they going, how do they interoperate, what are the real world applications?
  • Simplifying your storage systems - SAN and iSCSI continue to add complexity to systems, how and why pure media centric IP Storage (NAS) can help give your workflow more flexibility.
  • Remote production - decreasing costs and adding flexibility is driving a number of customer proofs of concepts in remote production. What technologies are available and what can be practically achieved today.