08 Aug 2022

Environmental Considerations

One of the most keenly debated topics at the 2022 HPA was how the post industry can achieve the best environmental performance. Everyone recognises that it is now imperative we find ways of minimising our impact on the planet.

It is hard to get accurate information on the media industry alone, but the IEEE suggests that the whole ICT industry could represent as much as 20% of the world’s electricity consumption by 2025. It is widely reported that the internet now emits more CO2 than the airline industry.

As individuals we can play our part: at GB Labs we have taken some measures, such as switching to energy saving lightbulbs and LED lighting in office; we encourage the use of electric cars, with free staff charging at our offices; air conditioning is turned off in rooms where it is not needed; and we recycle all our waste and toner cartridges. But we must take a look at how we can reduce our impact through our products too. There are probably four areas of prime consideration: the manufacturing process, the impact of shipping, continuing running costs, and end of life disposal.

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