06 Mar 2020

GB Labs Professional Storage Is More Important Than Ever

GB Labs Professional Storage Is More Important Than Ever

Storage is mission-critical technology, but many vendors get it wrong with storage that is underpowered, not scalable, and lacking in-built “intelligence”.

That’s a major problem because for modern productions, lightning fast, scalable, and intelligent storage has never been more important, and there’s only one current supplier who can provide it, and that’s GB Labs.

GB Labs has sat alone at the top of the intelligent storage industry for nearly two decades. The company was established from the start to push the cutting edge of storage technology to its limits, and beyond, to deliver the very best shared storage available for the media environment.

And it’s succeeded. There are many examples of this, but let’s look at a few.

GB Labs’ 25Gb Ethernet (GbE) connectivity, now included as standard across its entire FastNAS range. This more than doubles the existing industry standard of 10GbE.

GB Labs has done this because 25GbE connectivity is an emerging speed option that is underutilised. Until now, there hasn’t been any technology capable of truly exploiting its full potential. But GB Labs made 25GbE capability integral to its intelligent, high performance FastNAS storage range and is currently the only company that has leveraged its expertise to deliver full 25GbE performance in NAS, no matter how large the system.

And for those who occasionally need an even bigger speed boost, FastNAS Nitro MAX now comes with 40GbE as standard for even faster and more flexible connectivity. Again, GB Labs is the only company that can deliver such a blisteringly fast storage system, and all with virtually no disruption to existing infrastructure.

But with so much data flashing through a storage, it’s critical to know where, how, and by whom it’s being used. As experts in the field, GB Labs developed Analytics Centre, a powerful new feature included with GB Labs’ ECHO fast nearline storage system for data back-up; disaster recovery; and secondary graphics storage. Analytics Centre continuously analyses exactly how data is being used and provides full traceability with an at-a-glance display of network usage that includes highly accurate measures of real-time speed and data consumption.

But with all that speed, volume, and intelligence, how do you catalogue and find what you’ve stored?

GB Labs thought of that, too. Built into FastNAS systems is the award-winning Mosaic, the industry’s first and only media asset organiser that integrates in-built intelligence with a professional AI tagging system to automatically scour, tag, and organise all metadata. That has the effect of eliminating the time-consuming task of manually tagging content, with the added benefit of search results that are a much closer match to the search terms, saving vast amounts time and money.

And while it’s the brilliantly designed architecture that enables Mosaic to do that, it’s performance that separates the winners from the also-rans, and GB Labs performance is second to none.

GB Labs CEO-CTO, Dominic Harland said, “What we hear over and over when we are first called in to resolve a new customer’s storage problem is that they didn’t receive the workflow performance improvements they expected when they added storage in the traditional ways. They would then go to another provider, spend a lot of money, sacrifice down time, and still see very little improvement.

“That’s why we’re different. For example, SPACE SSD not only delivers on performance expectations, it surpasses them, with up to 18GB/s. And while it’s packed with extremely useful tools and benefits that have never before existed in a storage system, it’s not complicated. You can just plug it in and go to work.”

And that’s the beauty of GB Labs storage systems. Most systems require a lot of attention, but GB Labs storage requires hardly any at all.

That’s because they’re intelligent enough to do most of the work themselves.