26 May 2020

The Viewmasters

Who are The Viewmasters?

The Viewmasters is a motion graphic design company based in Amsterdam with 30 years of collective broadcast design experience.

In the past decade the company’s work has shifted from broadcast design to specialising in corporate events, creating motion graphics and screen content for very large screens.

The Issue

When working on big projects, The Viewmasters needed to be able to scale up quickly. They often hired freelancers who brought their own workstations and software to The Viewmasters’ studio, but they needed a way to tap into the central storage system, essentially “plug and create”. The existing method of working from a workstation’s internal hard disk and making backups on multiple hard disks was increasingly time-consuming and inefficient, especially given the increasingly large-scale projects that were coming into the studio.

The Solution

Based on The Viewmasters’ experience with GB Labs’ SPACE SSD system, which has been running non-stop at its facility since 2013, and the subsequent installation of GB Labs’ Easy LTO for backup purposes, they decided it was time to further expand.

We often have to turn work around quickly,” said The Viewmasters’ Owner and Motion Graphics and Visual Effects expert, Klaas Rowaan. “SPACE SSD delivers the speed we need. It also has the scalability we frequently require.

Viwmasters 2

“The massive benefit of the SPACE SSD is that freelancers can arrive, plug in, and start work on our server immediately, all with no extra licences required. In terms of performance, there is no lag whatsoever, even on very large, up to 15K, projects. The Easy LTO also enables us to make daily backups without slowing down the server either. It’s a total GB Labs package that more than satisfies our current needs with plenty of headroom to expand or reallocate as those needs evolve.”


The expanded system is specifically designed to enable multiple clients to simultaneously collaborate on a project. It is the ideal storage platform for anyone interested in a compact, large capacity, high performance system that is sold at a remarkably attractive price.

The shared storage is powered by GB Labs’ unique CORE OS, that is also at the heart of GB Labs’ flagship SPACE, ECHO and VAULT product ranges, which is a major advantage in interoperability.

The Result

GB Labs’ solution enabled The Viewmasters to plugin new users with no need for additional licenses, providing a highly accessible, and reliable, storage system that enables users to immediately start – and finish - work on very high-resolution footage.

Klaas Rowaan said, “SPACE SSD is plug and play in the purest sense of the term. It’s fast, reliable hardware and software, coupled with good technical support that enables us to focus on doing what we do best, create and produce engaging content for all of our clients, across multiple sectors, on whatever platform they require.”