29 Sep 2020

The Winner of the Best of Show Digital Edition 2020

Unify Hub is an appliance not only designed for the turmoil of today’s Covid-workflow, but it’s also a mind-shift of what and how storage actually is and means. Unique, independent, and compatible with all brands of storage – cloud and on-prem – there is no other product on the market that makes such an immediate and impactful difference to media professionals. Unify Hub works with GB Labs storage, other manufacturer storage, cloud storage and cloud computer services – all packaged in 1RU with beautifully-presented interface.

Unify Hub simplifies the difficulty of managing multiple users to/from multiple cloud services in one organisation. It’s a game-changer when it comes to the workflow behaviour that is not going away anytime soon. The cloud and/or on-prem experience has been completely redesigned – for remote or onsite users. And those users will just get what they want, when they want it, with minimal delay and expense.

Unify Hub leverages your current infrastructure, as well as your future plans. For instance, if you’re a facility house, your clients who have their own data - be that on cloud accounts or on-prem storage. Unify Hub simplifies and accelerates collaborative access to all. Or perhaps your previous on-prem workers are now at home. Unify Hub can work in conjunction with your current on-prem storage to give remote workers a seamless in-office experience.

And what about if the client has finished the remote aspect of a production and now wants to start post? They can bring their own storage into a facility with Unify Hub, connect it and let Unify Hub handle the remote access to the content without having to move any content from the original storage. A massive bonus - enabling remote users to continue to work securely with this original content. Unify Hub is available as a turnkey appliance that’s going to simplify, revolutionise and ultimately unify all aspects of media.

There are five main advantages of Unify Hub:

  1. Unify Hub Cloud Mounts: Aligns the local user permissions with cloud accounts to facilitate single sign-in and simplify the secure access of cloud accounts on-premise
  2. Acceleration: Leverages GB Labs technology to speed up the user experience, as well as reducing costs and saving internet bandwidth
  3. Remote Workspaces: Connects on-premise workspaces to cloud services or remote users
  4. Remote Working: Provides remote workers with a seamless experience, regardless of your location
  5. Virtual Workspaces: Simply select what is needed and securely make available everywhere, instantly

Available immediately, aggressively priced, with full support and maintenance options, Unify Hub is the missing link to your data workflow.