The "Swiss Army Knife" of LTO Solutions

A serious backup and archive toolkit for creative teams and professionals

Professional Data Protection Made Easy

HyperWrite Technology

GB Labs HyperWrite technology extends the life of LTO tapes and systems while cutting write times dramatically.

LTO-6, LTO-7 and LTO-8 Support

Support for the latest LTO tape technologies and standards to make your investment worth even more.

Third Party Catalog Support

No need to lose your investment in other LTO systems. We support most 3rd party catalogs and a way to truly protect your investment

Plug Straight In

There are both USB and Network ports on the back of this device that let you plug directly in and transfer or access your files. It doesn't get any easier!

LTO Manager

Wizard driven control system that allows business and creative people to handle this system with ease.

Warranty Options

The EasyLTO system include a 3 year care package and additional warranty upgrade options are available, up to 5 years of coverage.

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Who needs EasyLTO?

Post-Production and Broadcast

4K and 8K production sizes and growing demands for content are driving post-production and broadcast operations to the edge of current systems. GB Labs is here to help with a professional LTO system to archive your critical assets while prolonging the life of your tapes and drives in a way that no other system can.

Video and Ad Agencies

As agencies adapt to an ever increasing digital market, storage demands are skyrocketing. The need for a complete intelligent way to archive client projects is critical to the bottom line. GB Labs science extends the life of your tapes and drives while significantly reducing the time it takes to archive projects to tape. 

Print and Design

Print and Design companies are developing large libraries of client material that needs to be safeguarded for future use as well as expanding into the use and integration of video to maintain a competitive edge. Lean IT resources need solid professional solutions to get the job done with out fail. EasyLTO delivers when others fail.

Education and Training

Daily and weekly seminars and training videos can require as much storage and horsepower as producing a major movie.  An archive strategy for your ongoing footage is critical. Storing your projects on hard drives sitting in a cabinet will result in losing your data since these drives need to be spun up regularly or they fail. LTO tape has a 30 year lifetime.

YouTube and Promotion

All promotion today leads to YouTube and other online venues that demand fresh content and you are here to give it to them. All that video needs a place to be ingested and saved. LTO technology is the perfect solution for protection of raw footage but only EasyLTO gives you a professional turnkey backup and archive solutio

Medical and Research

Critical scientific and medical research is being captured every day and recorded to help document medical procedures, new innovations and train future doctors and scientists. EasyLTO is designed to make the implementation of a professional archiving strategy possible for all levels of expertise.

Why SmartBackup?

What can EasyLTO do for me? 

  • Restore - Reads third party tape catalogs

  • Direct - Plug your USB 3 and NAS drives straight into the back

  • Easy - Wizard driven LTO user interface

  • Open - Support for LTFS and TAR

  • Fast - Dual 10GbE Ethernet connection and USB 3.0

  • Backup - Truly integrated nearline storage up to 24TB in RAID 5**

  • Instant - Access recently archived projects instantly**

  • Webview - Browse SmartBackup via HTTP**

        **these features require SmartBackup option

The SmartBackup option adds critical functionality to your system that will simplifying archiving and safeguard your creative projects like no other solution. The SmartBackup system provides a powerful integrated nearline protected by RAID 5 and powered by GB Labs vetted science to create turnkey backup configurations. No other solution on the market can provide you with the power, speed, safety and simplicity of EasyLTO with SmartBackup. Don't risk your important footage and creative projects by leaving them on drives stacked on desks, shelves and in cabinets. Spinning drives left sitting will eventually fail. LTO tape provides 30 years of protection and SmartBackup makes it a breeze to choose a backup/archive strategy or action and implement it in minutes. 

SmartBackup  powers the following:

  • Backup - Safeguard your project files to EasyLTO 
  • Automate - Let EasyLTO archive your projects to tape automatically
  • Migrate - Transferring old tape libraries to later LTO-6, LTO-7 or LTO-8 tape using the internal storage
  • Cloud integration – Exchanging data with Cloud services such as Amazon S3, Backblaze or Dropbox
  • Universal - Create Workspaces everyone can connect to via SMB/AFP/NFS and HTTP
  • Instant Access -  Recently archived projects on tape are still available in seconds

 GB Labs, Intelligent Storage to Power and Protect your creative projects.