The World's fastest and most scalable NAS platform

The largest workgroups and the most demanding high-resolution compositing and editing tasks require the highest performance storage. This need has pushed GB Labs to create the World's fastest SSD based shared storage systems with scalable performance and capacity up to 18GBytes/s  and 10PB.

Key Features


Feature rich operating system full of workflow tools designed for real-world media environments. These work seamlessly in the background allowing you to do what you do best – create.

Extreme Performance

Ultra-high data rates for consistent levels of performance with multiple users working in a high-resolution environment.

Capacity Expansion

Technicians can go from Terabytes to Petabytes in seconds. Dynamic storage expansion is quick, cost-effective and non-disruptive.

Scalable Performance

The performance of SPACE SSD can be scaled using additional SPACE SSD EX expansion units. This pure SSD platform can be scaled in three steps, from 3000MB/sec to 9000MB/sec.

Energy Efficient

SPACE SSD is highly energy efficient because it is cooler running, giving you performance, while saving on energy and therefore cost.

Platform Agnostic

GB Labs storage is developed for total cross platform compatibility, allowing PC, Mac and Linux platforms to collaborate and share data freely and efficiently.

How SPACE SSD can help you