On Location

Why On-Location?

Limitless possibilities.

Originally approached by a Global news company to develop a truly portable and powerful shared storage for in the field newsgathering. Lightweight, RAID protected, quiet and portable by design. 

Our portable platforms have gone on to cover live events and carry out advanced post production tasks all over the World. Work as soon as possible with your assets and get ahead of the game with a hardware platform that can be hand carried and checked in to fly anywhere in the World.


The tireless, powerful heart of it all.

Most central storage systems can either read or write, but not at the same time, whether it’s an SSD, HDD, or hybrid system. The notion some have that SSD can read/write at the same time is a fallacy. In mixed read/write environments, their performance nosedives. The inevitable peaks and troughs of read/write processes absolutely kill performance and those systems have little or no in-built intelligence to govern how those read/write requests are handled, because frankly, they’re very difficult and complicated algorithms to create, so most manufacturers don’t bother.

GB Labs, on the other hand, bothered. With the powerful and highly intelligent CORE.4 operating system at their centre, GB Labs’ storage systems can not only govern and regulate read/write requests simultaneously – which is unique to the marketbut make autonomous decisions on how and where to read or place that data (that’s the intelligent bit), in safe and secure ways that both smooths and accelerates the process, saving a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

This is because, as powerful and clever as CORE.4 is, it’s ultimately designed to elegantly manipulate data with a fluidity and lightness of touch that is as kind to that data as possible, using as few disks as possible, but always with speed, accuracy, and economy of effort.