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Unify Hub

Unify Hub is a platform designed to meet all the challenges of today’s (media) production environment.

Powered by GB Labs CORE.4 OS Unify Hub is available as either a stand-alone appliance or as a software update on existing GB Labs storage products. With it you can accelerate cloud storage as well as serve up local storage to remote users providing an on-premise user experience.

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Remote Working

Unify Hub is here to make your workers feel like they’re in the office. It allows users remote access to your on-premises storage, but with a local on-premises experience. This is done securely and with the flexibility to share only the content you want to.

Provide homeworkers with remote access to your GB Labs storage in the office and give them a local experience on their workstations using the Unify Hub Connect Client application for Mac OS and WindowsTM.

Connect your existing GB Labs or other storage* directly to cloud services using the S3 protocol.

Cloud Acceleration

Unique and a bit different to others.

Save on egress charges by downloading files that are regularly accessed across multiple users, from the cloud once. This also provides faster local access for users.Mount cloud storage locally using standard network protocols (SMB, AFP) without the need to install client tools.

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GB Labs Technology Partners

  • Amazon Web Services S3 Storage
  • Backblaze B2
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Wasabi

Example - 10 users are all sharing a cloud storage account. One file in that account could be needed by all users. Current working practices that file to be downloaded 10 times. With Unify Hub the file is downloaded once, on demand, and served up locally to any subsequent user that wants it. This making a significant saving on egress charges alone.

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In Summary

Unify Hub applies intelligence to combine on premise and cloud storage, empowering remote production while maintaining data integrity and security. It also provides a ‘unified’ approach to content and metadata - wherever your material is physically stored – allowing the content needed to appear as a single, secure and coherent source, ideal for high-efficiency, collaborative and remote working.

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Check out the below videos to learn more about what Unify Hub can offer!

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Remote Working

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