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07 Sep 2022

Nebula, the GB Labs Cloud, gives Unify Hub a turbo boost

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Nebula, the GB Labs Cloud, gives Unify Hub a turbo boost 

By CEO & CTO Dominic Harland 

The latest iteration of Nebula, the GB Labs Cloud, is now powered by Storj's distributed cloud object storage platform, adding a deeper level of intelligence and workflow agility to the GB Labs’ Unify Hub data management solution. The combination of Unify Hub and Nebula enables worldwide coverage and faster access for remote Unify Hub users. The partnership with Storj has provided a resilient backbone that can handle even the largest media files, underpinning enhancements and extensions to Nebula’s capability.

Thanks to the new software enhancements released with Nebula, Unify Hub now benefits from additional functionality. Users are able to work directly from the GB Labs Cloud with project files that always remain in sync and are accessible from anywhere in the world. Upload speeds have also been ramped up, allowing customers to upload content directly to the cloud from any location without the need to install a physical unit for ad hoc usage.

Unify Hub delivers a unified approach to content and metadata; regardless of where material is physically stored, the content appears as a single, secure, and coherent source, making it ideal for high-efficiency collaborative and remote working.

Storj is the leading provider of enterprise-grade, globally distributed cloud object storage. Storj delivers CDN-like performance at cold storage prices, with 11 nines of durability and zero-trust security that make data breaches and ransomware attacks a thing of the past. Learn more at

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