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The GB Labs EcoSystem

The building block architecture underpinning what GB Labs does with intelligent, shared storage hardware and software is critical to its success.

From the beginning, scalability was vital. The philosophy was, that instead of specifying and selling a single almighty behemoth with little flexibility, GB Labs designed manageable, easy-to-learn and operate systems that could be easily upscaled as requirements dictated.

What’s more, users quickly get very comfortable with GB Labs systems because everything is intuitive, fast, and user friendly. In short, users can plug in a GB Labs storage system and pretty much get on with being productive straight away.

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Disaster & Recovery

Disaster recovery that offers true resilience and redundancy

Cloak DR enables two GB Labs intelligent storage systems to act as master and slave respectively, failing over in as little as 2 seconds. Unlike traditional methods, GB Labs storage systems are completely live, which means that when data is written it’s not confirmed until both units have it live. That means that it’s impossible to have out-of-sync data between the pair of units.

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Data Analysis

Explore and understand what is happening on your network

Any issues, anywhere, are flagged the instant they occur with a straight-line path that enables users to find out exactly what happened, when, where, and determine how it can be resolved. Not only will Analytics Center display historical data, it will also indicate who is – and has been – consuming the most data; how they are connected; by what protocol; and if they are performing at peak efficiency on the storage network.

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Asset Organiser

Mosaic is an industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage.

All new GB Labs storage systems now include GB Labs’ ‘Mosaic’ automatic asset organiser - a dynamic, intelligent, and vastly enriched way to track and find media, that saves users enormous amounts of time. Mosaic is streets ahead of old and inefficient search methods.

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Backup & Archive

Streamline your archive workflow.

The LTO Manager and FlashBack for VAULT makes it easier for users to preview their archived footage and find the exact film and clips they’re looking for, with minimal efort - saving time and money. Created to provide customers with an updated interface, an updated VAULT platform, and a larger range of features to help improve and manage backup and archive workflows.

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Ai Data Delivery/Bandwidth Control

Intelligently optimise bandwidth allocation

GB Labs developed Dynamic Bandwidth Control, which swiftly identifies and selects high, medium, and low priority users and constantly evaluates and balances performance. This guarantees that not only is every user getting the full performance they need and expect, but that the entire system is operating at peak performance at all times.

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