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Dynamic Bandwidth Control is an extremely valuable benefit only available in GB Labs storage systems.

Traditionally, client storage usage is capped at certain levels to reserve storage capacity for priority users, whether or not it is being used. Storage that is reserved but not used can unnecessarily restrict the performance of others who could make beneficial use of that extra capacity.

GB Labs resolved this problem by developing Dynamic Bandwidth Control, which swiftly identifies and selects high, medium, and low priority users and constantly evaluates and balances performance. This guarantees that not only is every user getting the full performance they need and expect, but that the entire system is operating at peak performance at all times.

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“Dynamic Bandwidth Control is all about using the available storage until the usage priorities change, as they often do. This capability, unique to GB Labs storage systems, doesn’t have to be scheduled. It can be implemened whenever it’s needed.

The same applies whether storage is in use by entire workgroups or a single individual. If required, bandwidth usage can also be rearranged and managed on-the-fly.”

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