Backup And Archive

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What is a backup?

A second copy of live projects

The goal of a backup is to provide data security by having multiple copies of important data or work in progress. There are several types of backups: live = a complete failover, scheduled = time to recover before next backup, and snapshot = access previous time-stamped versions.

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What is an Archive?

Store completed projects safely and securely.

The goal of archive is to free up current storage space for new projects and saving money, by moving completed projects elsewhere. Archives can be on: disk, tape or the cloud.

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What's the difference?

It's important to know how they differ and how they can help workflows

The main difference between the two is that backup systems are used to restore your ongoing projects, whilst archives are used to retrieve completed projects.

Restores data Retrieves data
Rescues workflows and protects assets Frees up high cost storage for new work
Multiple differential copies possible Complete data moved to deep storage

GB Labs Solutions

SPACE and ECHO use replication and snapshot to keep data safe, workable and available.

VAULT adds backup and archive as an option to use LTO tape for offsite.

Cloak DR provides a failover solution for primary or live work storage giving Disaster Recovery.

Unify Hub links the on-premise storage to cloud with automation, replication and file manager for another layer of workflow.

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Future-proof backup and archive solutions

Secure and reliable nearline storage

The ECHO range of nearline storage is the ideal partner to our online storage ranges offering accelerated movements of data, scheduled snapshot replication with checksums and extensive reporting. ECHO can also be used to backup other storage systems and with very strong network performance can be used temporarily in an online role such as editing in place.

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Multi-drive network appliance for rapid archive and backup

Whilst ECHO provides a disk solution that can be used for backup or long-term archiving, GB Labs also offer LTO tape as an alternative from the VAULT product line. LTO is a low cost energy efficient long-term proposition, used extensively throughout banking, medical and compliance.

VAULT has the ability to have up to four drives working together and in combination with our Hyperwrite can archive up to 48TB in under 10 hours.

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