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Future-proof backup and archive solutions

GB Labs offer dedicated platforms for backing up and archiving your data.

The Echo range of nearline storage is the ideal partner to our online storage ranges offering accelerated movements of data, scheduled snapshot replication with checksums and extensive reporting. Echo can also be used to backup other storage systems and with very strong network performance can be used temporarily in an online role such as editing in place.

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Low Cost & Energy Efficient

Whilst Echo provides a disk solution that can be used for backup or long term archiving, GB Labs also offer LTO tape as an alternative from the Vault and EasyLTO product lines. LTO is a low cost energy efficient long-term proposition, used extensively throughout banking, medical and compliance.

Our hardware and archiving software combinations offer various different generations of LTO media support, as well as the ability to have multiple tape drives working together or provide internal disk storage depending on the model you choose.

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