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Explore and understand what is happening on your network

GB Labs Analytics Center is an easy way to see, at a glance, everything that is taking place on a network.

Any issues, anywhere, are flagged the instant they occur with a straight-line path that enables users to find out exactly what happened, when, where, and determine how it can be resolved.

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How can Analytics Center help you?

Learn from past and present data to make future performance... better!

A ghost graph on the Analytics Center UI clearly displays the most important, top line operational information, and can be used to delve much deeper into certain areas with a click.

Not only will Analytics Center display historical data, it will also indicate who is – and has been – consuming the most data; how they are connected; by what protocol; and if they are performing at peak efficiency on the storage network.

For most, this is everything, and more, that they will need to have a very clear and comprehensive view of what’s transpiring on their network. Whether it analyses the activity of 5 users or 500, GB Labs’ Analytics Center helps to make sure everyone is productive.

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“One of the biggest challenges to our customers is understanding what is truly going on in their network and how they are consuming data.”

Dominic Harland


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