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Protect your digital assets, safeguard your business with CloakDR.

CloakDR enables two GB Labs intelligent storage systems to act as master and slave respectively, failing over in as little as 2 seconds. Unlike traditional methods, GB Labs storage systems are completely live, which means that when data is written it’s not confirmed until both units have it live. That means that it’s impossible to have out-of-sync data between the pair of units.

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No downtime

with CloakDR

CloakDR has been designed to not only protect against typical server failures, such as: disk, OS or PSU failure, but the bigger issues too including: rack power outage, accidental removal of network or power cabling, switch failures and even a complete server room outage, with systems placed in separate server rooms.

System administrators will love the easy ‘no downtime’ maintenance that can be achieved by seamlessly removing servers and allowing them to be worked on independently then re-synchronised quickly, with no interruption to service.

Additionally, separate buildings could be used to house each storage unit to give further protection against fire and flood damage. With a fast and seamless failover, it minimises any disruption to user’s workflow and maximises peace of mind.

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