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Disaster recovery that offers true resilience and redundancy.

Cloak DR allows two storage servers to be combined for continuous resilience and uninterrupted high-performance data access, with two GB Labs intelligent storage systems acting as primary and secondary units respectively to deliver fail over in as little as 2 seconds.

Unlike traditional methods, GB Labs storage systems are completely live – when data is written it’s not confirmed until both units have it live. That means that it’s impossible to have out-of-sync data between the primary and secondary storage units.

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Protect your digital assets, safeguard your business

With Cloak DR

Data security and continuity are the life blood of any business, especially in live and close to live scenarios where any compromise to the transmission is unacceptable. But achieving these goals can be costly and time consuming.

The GB Labs Cloak DR storage product has been built from the ground up to protect against typical server issues, from disk, OS and PSU failure, but also from critical events, such as human error, power outages and network failures. This resilience provides users with the confidence that their data is safe and instantly accessible.

Systems administrators need confidence that there is high availability and continuity of resilience within the system, especially in time-critical environments that are wholly reliant on supporting collaboration on a high value asset. But, at the point of failure bringing data back from the secondary storage server can be a painful exercise.

Cloak DR offers a complete solution to disaster recovery (DR) with the capability to physically separate two storage servers across great distances. Unlike a cluster, Cloak DR allows two storage servers to be easily combined for resilience and uninterrupted high performance data access, without slowing down when a storage server (node) disappears. The system gives you the same performance continuously because Cloak DR does not rely on a file system spread across nodes.

With Cloak DR, both servers are presented as a single IP address, avoiding the need to re-directed users to a different address even when one server is entirely removed by accident, or intentionally for routine maintenance. In fact, it takes the blink of an eye (1 second) for a totally separate, equal in performance storage server to take over and maintain data access for all clients and servers on the network at the same IP address.

Cloak DR makes very elegant use of multiple technologies to provide resilience for many types of use cases from broadcast and production to post. Uniquely, this intelligent storage platform can be tuned for smaller content types, like documents and still images, as well as massive 8K raw camera footage in order to provide very high performance without compromising the robustness required for mission critical applications.

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The units are then configured with GB Labs ‘Cloak DR’ software, creating a ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ server and presenting a single ‘Virtual IP.’ Data is always written to both servers at the same time meaning data is always in sync. If failover occurs, a single IP address is maintained throughout, giving the same path to files and folders. Complete server failover takes as little as two seconds to occur.

Available in ECHO 36, SPACE SSD and SPACE.

Key benefits...

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Disaster recovery planning for media production of any kind.
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Protecting from disk failure to complete server room outage.
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Clients move from primary to secondary server in two seconds with no interruption.
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Locate servers in different buildings to give protection against fire and flood.

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