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Streamline your archive workflow.

The LTO Manager and FlashBack for VAULT and EasyLTO makes it easier for users to preview their archived footage and find the exact film and clips they’re looking for, with minimal effort - saving time and money. Created to provide customers with an updated interface, an updated VAULT platform, and a larger range of features to help improve and manage backup and archive workflows. These updates also come complete with the much desired: Tape encryption, Autoloader support and FlashBack tools.

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Now with Flashback

FlashBack is an innovative way of being able to preview the files that are being written to the tape; enriching users’ search and browse experience.

FlashBack for VAULT makes it easier for users to preview archived footage and find the exact film and clips they’re looking for with minimal effort - saving time and money.

When media is on the tape, we cannot preview files straight from the tape (especially when the tape is not in the drive), so we take a small clip from the file and generate a thumbnail preview of various points throughout.

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Demand your LTO system uses HyperWrite!

GB Labs developed the HyperWrite technology to significantly reduce the time it takes to write to tape, while extending the life of your LTO tape and drive.

Typical LTO systems pause after each file is written without optimisation. This means that typical LTO systems can take all day to finish a single job. By using HyperWrite, GB Labs crushes long write times by writing at native LTO speeds of up to 360MB/s even with small files. By intelligently optimising how we write to tape, there is a massive reduction in the wear to the LTO tape itself as well as the drive.

If you need a truly professional and safe system to use in your archiving process EasyLTO with HyperWrite is the only choice.

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Key benefits...

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Easy to use intuitive interface with Snapshot Backup and Archive.
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HyperWrite TAR engine writing media of any size at full speed.
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LTFS support for media delivery including MHL ingest.
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Seamless integration into GB Labs ecosystem with direct network write/restore.
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