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Mountable cloud storage for media

Nebula, the GB Labs Cloud, is now powered by Storj’s distributed cloud object storage platform, adding a deeper level of intelligence and workflow agility to Unify Hub.

  • Speed: Fast access everywhere in the world with multi-layer parallelism and lightning-fast downloads.
  • Performance: Real-time global collaboration with consistent and unparalleled performance.
  • Pricing: Up to 80% less costs with no hidden fees.
  • Security: Zero-knowledge encryption.
Unify Hub a Global Unified File System

THE SOLUTION for global post-production teams!


Nebula applies intelligence to combine on-prem and cloud storage, empowering remote production while maintaining data integrity and security. The ‘unified’ approach allows the content to appear as a single, secure and coherent source, ideal for high-efficiency, collaboration, and remote working.

Users can work directly from the GB Labs Cloud with project files that always remain in sync and are accessible from anywhere in the world. Upload speeds have been ramped up, allowing customers to upload content directly to the cloud from any location without the need to install a physical unit for ad-hoc usage.

Dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing security or performance for your media and entertainment supply chain. Every file is split into 80+ pieces, then distributed over a massive global network of over 20k storage nodes ensuring secure, lightning-fast downloads at up to 80% less cost.

Unify Hub a Global Unified File System