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Archiware has over 20 years of experience in data management software for backup, synchronization and archiving and is used by hundreds of media companies worldwide. The integration between P5 and GB Labs storage platforms provides the flexibility to choose from different storage devices for backup and archive such as disk, LTO tape and cloud storage. Delivering powerful, intelligent and easily scalable media storage and data protection.

Any GB Labs storage system can be used in conjunction with ARCHIWARE's P5. 

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GB Labs storage platforms, such as SPACE, ECHO and FastNAS, allow content creation teams to collaborate on files and projects for increased productivity and creative freedom. These products give Mac, Linux and Windows users simultaneous access to projects using 1 to 100Gb network connections. They are all designed from the ground up to be easy to install, maintain and upgrade, and the system allows easy configuration of access rights, storage quotas and permitted bandwidth for each user. Moving data between tiers of GB Labs units is optimised by the CORE.4 intelligence to increase workflow efficiency.

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With P5 now able to run natively on GB Labs devices, the latest CORE.4 allows users to configure the P5 client via the integrations tab to access files on GB Labs storage products for backup and archive. The integration provides an efficient way to protect production and provide business continuity. The P5 platform offers enormous flexibility in configuration, setup, storage and policies. The synergy between the two systems also means production is protected in multiple ways.

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Watch the webinar recording below, all about the integration between the P5 and GB Labs storage to provide efficient backup solutions.