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Wasabi: Cloud Technology Partner

Between corralling storage across multiple different formats or making sure their remote workforce has access to the assets they need, many modern businesses have a data stratification problem. This is compounded by the fact that data volumes are growing year-over-year and the price of storage which can quickly become expensive. GB Labs and Wasabi partnered to tackle stratified data by combining all your storage mediums under one roof and offering cloud storage at a fraction of the cost of major competitors.

Wasabi hot storage is fast becoming a platform for long term project storage. Unify Hub allows users to create the same ‘Cloud Workspaces’ with the ability to intelligently download content and cache it locally, when needed thus dramatically reducing egress charges. This has the greatest impact for teams collaborating on the same content.

GB Labs Unify HUB can be used effectively in conjunction with Wasabi Hot Storage.

Access the WASABI and GB Labs integration information on WASABI's website here

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