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GB Labs customers are able to leverage the functionality of many of these house hold names in cloud storage, for replication purposes on our standard products.

However, for Unify Hub users cloud services can be both linked to specific GB Labs cloud workspaces and mounted locally using standard network protocols. Which means users get all the great benefits of both local performance (with GB Labs unique Flash Cache acceleration technology) and cloud accessibility with scalability.

GB Labs Cloud Technology Partners are:

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GB Labs are part of the Adobe Partner Connection Program, focused on customer success. Our products are tested and approved by Adobe and this partnership ensures you maximise your technology investment by integrating with Adobe products and solutions.

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Axle Video

Unlike complex and expensive MAM systems, axle is radically simple media management that is easy to install, use, and afford. From ingest to archive, axle 2015 software works transparently with GB Labs Space network attached storage products to let all media team members instantly find, share, browse, log, annotate, review and approve any video or still image media in a clean browser interface. Axle can be accessed from any Mac or PC, tablet or smartphone.

Axle Video


Cantemo is a software company base in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to the development of intuitive and streamlined media management solutions. Its flagship product, Cantemo Portal™, is designed to manage ingest, annotation, cataloging, collaboration, storage, retrieval and distribution of media assets.

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Easy to use, yet uniquely powerful, CatDV sits at the heart of your production workflow. It is a digital asset management system with production management capabilities, used throughout the film and broadcast industry as a media database, logging, transcoding and communication tool. The development of QLS Archive allows CatDV and GB Labs' SPACE Tape range to communicate seamlessly, giving full status reporting and management when you archive and retrieve data from Mini LTO Space and LTO Space.

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DFT has been at the frontline of film scanning technology for over 75 years providing solutions for film post-production, archive and restoration markets with a range of high quality, leading-edge products and services. GB Labs Space SSD has been developed, tested and certified for use with DFT's Scanity HDR. Capable of speeds of up to 9,000Mbytes/sec means that Space SSD ensures Scanity HDR runs at its optimum performance.

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As an Intel Technology Provider Gold Level, GB Labs has continuously demonstrated expertise in design and integration of the worlds best CPUs, extracting the highest performance and efficiency from and this key technology that sits at the heart of every GB Labs product.

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Marquis moves media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows. This enables a complete digital workflow ensuring products such as Edit Platforms, either standalone or using Shared storage and third-party Video Servers can work seamlessly together. GB Labs partnered with Marquis to illustrate the integration of its collaborative Avid editing tools with both Marquis' Workspace Parking, the 'set & forget' disaster recovery solution for Avid workspaces and Project Parking.

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Mellanox Technologies established itself as a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. GB Labs adopts the company's flagship products; high-throughput, low-latency InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions to get the very best from our high performance storage and archiving products.

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The Metus range includes Ingest, a multi-channel, multi-format product and MAM, an enterprise-level media asset management solution. Both SPACE, ECHO and ECHO 36 have been tested exhaustively to ensure full compatibility with GB Labs' range of NAS storage.

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Seagate is the global leader in hard disk technology and GB Labs integrates hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) within its extensive range of storage and archiving products. Hardware research, testing and tuning enables GB Labs to extract the very best from the Seagate technology.

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ToolsOnAir has redefined the TV station of tomorrow, providing powerful Mac and Linux based solutions that integrate storage, ingest, playout and real-time graphics into a streamlined workflow. ToolsOnAir users can now store media files and projects stored on any part of the storage network, with GB Labs offering its customers on complete product portfolio that includes the Space online platform, Echo nearline devices and LTO archive appliances.

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Ortana Media Group is proud to offer a wide range of products and services using its Cubix Asset Management & Orchestration platform. Designed to be a disruptive technology within the MAM & orchestration space, Cubix has a highly modular architecture that is easily configurable and reconfigurable to meet the demands of your current and future workflows. Being integrated with over 50 technical partners “out of the box” ensures clients can determine the right tools for the job, allowing them to concentrate on product development, service and profitability whilst we handle the integration.

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