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The GB Labs Ecosystem

The building block architecture underpinning what GB Labs does with intelligent, shared storage hardware and software is critical to its success.

From the beginning, scalability was vital. The philosophy was, that instead of specifying and selling a single almighty behemoth with little flexibility, GB Labs designed manageable, easy-to-learn and operate systems that could be easily upscaled as requirements dictated.

What’s more, users quickly get very comfortable with GB Labs systems because everything is intuitive, fast, and user friendly. In short, users can plug in a GB Labs storage system and pretty much get on with being productive straight away.

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GB Labs Ecosystem products


Powerful, intelligent and easily scalable media storage.

Content creation teams can work on files and projects together for complete creative freedom. With SPACE storage, Mac, Linux and Windows clients have simultaneous access to projects while administrators can specify users’ access rights, storage quotas and permitted bandwidth.

SPACE was designed to be easy to install, maintain and upgrade. IP connectivity means that dial-in support can address any issues remotely – anywhere in the world. Data transfers are swift using 1Gb, 10Gb or 40Gb connections, especially when moving data between tiers of GB Labs’ units where our system intelligence and workflow efficiency comes to the fore.

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Secure and reliable nearline storage.

Most nearline archive products on the market deliver large capacities, many deliver excellent security and a few provide the speed for multi-stream read / write operations. A handful give you fast and affordable expansion, a minority allow virtually instant scaling over Ethernet networks.

Data security is essential, as is an instantly-available media archive. Our scalable ECHO can fulfil both roles in a state-of-the-art nearline solution. ECHO can be housed locally or remotely, it can provide disaster recovery by replicating your entire Tier 1 media assets. It also has the speed and capacity to hold your growing archive, giving users instant access to every file over standard Ethernet networks.

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Multi-drive network appliance for rapid archive and backup.

Tape archiving has been dogged by slow transfer speeds and the inability to share drives over networks. VAULT changes all that. Developed for central archives, the VAULT multi-drive LTO-7 / LTO-8 system can write and read data from any or all drives simultaneously at an astonishing 1440MB/s (LTO-8). Network-attached, users can read and write from any authorised workstation, for a workflow that is far more efficient than drives tethered to a single dedicated computer.

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Highly competitive with huge performance and capacity

This product isn’t just built for high end post production or broadcasters, it is the ideal storage platform for anybody interested in high performance NAS combined with large capacities at an amazing price point.

Our Velocity RAID Engine (VRE) is optimised for AV usage and low latency response and is at the heart of the FastNAS experience. This technology is unique to GB Labs and offers superb performance, using minimal system resources and offering lightening performance. All GB Labs products are tested rigorously to ensure that they exceed the needs of the most demanding workgroups. The procedures include extended data read/write routines using multiple file types and sizes. This guarantees the end user the fastest possible performance in real world environments.

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