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The GB Labs Ecosystem

GB Labs is the global leader in Intelligent Media Storage, creating a shared storage ecosystem for the media industry. By understanding real-world industry problems, cutting-edge technologies have been developed for the unique "CORE" software that fulfils end users’ needs. Regardless of where the production is being filmed, how big the team is or the size of budget, GB Labs can provide a solution to ensure deadlines are met and throughout the whole process, content is secure.

Storage – past, present & looking to the future

Unify Hub Generation 2

GB Labs has found the answer to create a seamless & global unified file system. “Unify Hub Generation 2 is leading the way for the first innovation of post-pandemic hybrid workflows. We’re seeing more and more editors and digital artists back in the office, but only a few days per week on-premise, so the need for a seamless transition between on-prem and remote working is vital for efficiency.” Matt Scott, Solutions and Pre-Sales Engineer at GB Labs.



What is the difference between Backup and Archive?

It's critical to understand the differences between backup and archive, as well as disaster recovery, as each fulfil very different needs within workflows – be that media, corporate or education, etc. In this webinar Duncan Beattie and Matt Scott discuss the basics of backup and archiving, as well as some hints and tips, on how to implement a strategy that’s right for now, and the future.

IABM Interview - In conversation with GB Labs, FastNAS Generation 2

In this IABM TV interview, Dominic Harland (CEO & CTO, GB Labs) discusses the launch of FastNAS Generation 2.

KitPlus TV: Dominic Harland, is this the fastest NAS storage available?

The discussion of a completely new version of revolutionary FastNAS technology. FastNAS Generation 2 can deliver up to 4GBytes/sec real deliverable network performance and is up to ten times as quick for mixed tasks compared to the previous generation.

FastNAS Generation 2 - Webinar

All FastNAS platforms benefit from best of breed technology exclusively developed in-house using 20 years of shared storage experience. It's flexible, simple and it's easy to deploy in any environment. Unlike other NAS products, FastNAS is purpose built to sustain heavy workloads and provide stable and reliable performance so you can focus on being creative.

FastNAS Generation 2

GB Labs FastNAS Generation 2, powering creative teams. FastNAS with Nitro Generation 2 boost performance by up to 1000% making it ideal for mixed workloads. VRE Technology Generation 2 keeps your data safe while also powering the ability to scale to over 750 TB in seconds with no downtime.

Why is GB Labs storage different and so important?

Storage is not simply just storage and there is no such thing as the cloud, there are many clouds. Using the cloud is perceived as an easy task but the reality presents challenges for asset storage. This pandemic has seen increased requirements for storage outside of central storage on premise. GB Labs products have been developed and continue to evolve to address these needs. Since the beginning, GB Labs has always had the intention to make its products accessible remotely. Integration of cloud services and built-in tools enable people to do that and comes as standard in all products. CEO & CTO Dominic Harland explains that with the help and knowledge of the in-house support team, customers are able to install and run products within minutes or hours whether in house or remotely.


What is Automation and how can it help us when working remotely?

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Cloud Connection

How can you best utilise the Cloud to improve remote workflows?

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When working remotely, how can you be 100% confident your content is always safe and secure?

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Your easy connection to GB Labs storage

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Remote Working

Connecting to your storage remotely using a VPN, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow.

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Media Asset Management (MAM), Storage & Archive Working Together

MAM systems require storage systems and with numerous assets, archives become a must. Ben Pearce CBO & Co-Founder explains how by being NAS, GB Labs works with standard sharing protocols making our products virtually 100% compatible with any MAM.

GB Labs believes MAM is essential to getting the best out of those assets but are cautious of reliance on human input. Gb Labs doesn’t necessarily produce a full-blown MAM, but definitely produce a stepping stone for your MAM requirements. Mosaic works with AI recognition; low-res files are automatically created, sent directly to a cloud service, recognition completed and tags populated for you. GB Labs can save you time, money and prevent errors whilst giving you easy access to content.

A successful remote installation in Asia

Difficult remote installations are not new to GB Labs. With IPMI built into all systems, 90% of GB Labs products can be installed this way reducing deployment costs and man hours. Having recently and successfully remotely installed a Cloak DR system in Asia, CBO and Co-Founder Ben Pearce explains how obstacles such as COVID19, language barriers, and the inability to provide on-site training were overcome. Proof that even the most complicated of systems can be installed remotely, we are confident that our products are easy to use and can help people create content in the most challenging of environments.

Talking Point

GB Labs launches a new dealer program

GB Labs has recently launched its new dealer programme. CEO & CTO Dominic Harland explains how this new initiative is designed not only to combat these uncertain times but to provide support to the GB Labs wider family of valued dealers and partners. By effectively communicating on a regular basis and listening to your requirements, we aim to provide you with the tools and assets to really understand our products and their advantages. By providing you with a sales toolkit whether in a different language or format, GB Labs aims to make working easier and simpler, just like our products!

GB Labs and GB Labs Corp - A Tale of Two Offices

GB Labs has an international presence in the broadcast industry. In this short interview, CEO & CTO Dominic Harland explains how the COVID19 pandemic has impacted both GB Labs limited and GB Corps. Splitting his time between the two offices and continents, Dominic has experienced the threat of the pandemic from a unique perspective; seeing how and what the two countries have been doing in response. Watch now to see Dominic share his insights and find out why being back in the UK at this time is important to the business.

Running a business during lockdown

Alongside millions of businesses, GB Labs has faced (and still does) unprecedented times. CEO & CTO Dominic Harland explains how the GB Labs team has been working hard behind the scenes to maintain its business and support its employees and partners through these difficult times. Stressing the importance of strategising and adapting to the ‘new normal’, now is the time to be empowered; necessary house-keeping tasks are being completed, new avenues are being explored and of course new product development, upgrades and improvements are coming to fruition.


What you can expect from the new GB Labs training academy

GB Labs is proud of its extensive training package that has always been offered to its family of dealers and partners. Having previously been hosted on-site, we are excited to announce the new GB Labs Training Academy, a comprehensive training programme held remotely and accessible to all our dealers and partners wherever they are in the world. The academy aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge of all our software, products and workflows and what makes GB Labs the go-to for media storage products. With a flexible approach, training packages can be tailored to suit your needs. Here Duncan Beattie, Chief Solutions Officer explains what you can expect when attending the academy.