Why GB Labs?

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Why GB Labs?

Built for creative users and approved by IT.

GB Labs is continuously empowering creative workflows for some of the best-known names in the media and entertainment industry. Much acclaimed for design and innovation within the industry, we have pioneered and perfected SSD shared storage and invented a hybrid disk technology that actually accelerates media workflows.

Our comprehensive range of storage and archiving products serve our customers needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. What is more, our solutions are easily scalable in both capacity and performance, with minimal downtime. This scalability means you can ‘buy as you grow’ which helps keep your initial investment low.

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Business Continuity

GB Labs ‘Cloak DR’ offers true resilience and redundancy. Some fail to fully understand that a system being marketed as resilient can still be prone to failure in the event of a server room power outage, a switch failure, and other potential points of failure. The reality in such situations is that such storage systems are not truly resilient in the commonly understood meaning of the term. GB Labs, however, achieves resiliency as it’s meant to be.

This is through Cloak DR, which enables two GB Labs intelligent storage systems to act as primary and secondary respectively. Unlike traditional methods, GB Labs storage systems are completely live, which means that when data is written it’s not confirmed until both units have it live. That means that it’s impossible to have out-of-sync data between the pair of units.

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Full user and network visibility

Data blindness is unacceptable.

You will be able to see exactly what you have and how it’s being used. GB Labs Analytics Centre is an easy way to see, at a glance, everything that is taking place on your network. Any issues, anywhere, are flagged the instant they occur with a straight-line path that enables users to find out exactly what happened, when, where, and determine how it can be resolved. A ghost graph on the Analytics Centre UI clearly displays the most important, top line operational information, and can be used to delve much deeper into certain areas with a click.

Not only will Analytics Centre display historical data, it will also indicate who is – and has been - consuming the most data; how they are connected and by what protocol; and if they are performing at peak efficiency on the storage network. For most, this is everything, and more, that they will need to have a very clear and comprehensive view of what’s transpiring on their network. Whether it analyses the activity of 5 users or 500, GB Labs’ Analytics Centre helps to make sure everyone is productive.

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Considerable time and money savings

Your bottom line will improve.

Because it offers reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use performance and ultimate visibility as to how storage is being used, GB Labs storage requires the least of amount of hardware of any other system available today. This is because GB Labs’ approach to storage minimises the inefficiencies normally associated with most shared storage systems, which often requires 2, 3, even 4 times as much hardware.

And those systems are far more expensive, not just to buy, but to operate and maintain. There is also the question of dealing with all of the extra power required, and heat that needs to be dissipated for multiple disk systems. With GB Labs, you don’t have those problems because the minimal amount of disks required are also highly energy efficient.

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InFlight Data Accelerator

Fasten your seatbelt

IDA eliminates the frustrating bottlenecks, slowdowns, and the multiple frustrations typically experienced when unwieldy or unexpected loads are placed on traditional storage systems.

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Industry leading storage OS for media

Ultimately designed to elegantly manipulate data with a fluidity and lightness of touch that is as kind to that data as possible, CORE.4 uses as few disks as possible, but always with speed, accuracy, and economy of effort.

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It's much more than a pretty picture

Mosaic is streets ahead of old and inefficient search methods. It automatically scours all in-built metadata and integrates it with a highly professional AI tagging system.


Unlimited Benefits with GB Labs

Here are our unique benefits

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True AI & Cloud Integration

No smoke. No mirrors.

GB Labs has provided true, intelligent cloud integration as part of its storage products for more than 5 years. GB Labs has always understood the virtues of the multiple benefits to having local and cloud storage work together in concert.

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Superior technology

We think so. So will your boss.

The true resilience and redundancy provided by GB Labs’ Cloak DR is only the beginning of a range of demonstrably superior technologies on offer.

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