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Who We Are

As a result of two decades of successful sales and development, GB Labs is now established as a trusted and known brand for creating intelligent media storage solutions.

Regardless of a production’s geographic location or size of team, GB Labs has an optimised solution that will empower its creative workflow.

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GB Labs creates shared storage ecosystems for the media industry, evolving and innovating technology to provide a meaningful difference for creative teams across the globe.
Mission Statement

The Fresh Approach to Shared Storage

GB Labs was established on the premise that regular shared storage has multiple restrictions and complications that can make it expensive and problematic to use. We knew shared storage shouldn't be like this. 

So, we formed a fresh approach to shared storage, removing these restrictions and complications. Our systems are designed to intelligently adapt to provide maximum performance, including powerful and intuitive toolsets, making it flexible and easy to use.

Our latest developments have successfully evolved central storage from a singular building to something easily accessible world-wide, enabling remote work and collaboration.   

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Who do we serve?

With a focus on media-based production storage including the traditional on-premise set-up, we are compatible with virtually all types of media workflows. From VFX, editing to broadcast, GB Labs offers a comprehensive set of tools within our storage products to increase productivity. All users wanting primary, backup or archive solutions will benefit from our storage eco-system.

Our unique storage technologies allow seamless media workflows offering world-wide fast access for HQ, remote offices and home workers. Providing flexibility from the small post house, to the globalised media organisations that operate with a distributed workforce.

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